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2016 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft Scouting Directors

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After a little over 29 hours, all 30 teams have now been assigned a Scouting Director. Let's see who holds those offices.

Rich Pilling/Getty Images

At around 2 PM Monday, Commissioner of the Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft,  John Sickels, put the call out for scouting directors to take the helm of one of the 30 MLB franchises. Each of the 30 teams has a community member holding the title of Scouting Director for their respective team. Once Saturday, June 4th rolls around, we will begin drafting at 12 PM noon central time (1 PM for those of us on the east coast, 10 AM for the west costers).

For those unfamiliar with the Community Mock Draft, please refer to John's intro from Monday.To paraphrase, it's a three step process. Step 1 is picking scouting directors (check). Step 2 is creating the Mock Organizational Diaries, or MOD's. "In the MOD, readers who want to participate in the Mock Draft should meet to exchange ideas and information, argue, and hash out who you want to draft. Anyone can participate in the MOD..." Step 3 is the actual draft.

Since I will be drafting for the Phillies, I hold the first pick in the draft. Who will I choose? I'll let you try and figure that out. Until then, here are the other 29 scouting directors, which teams they will be running, and links to their MOD's if they have them up already.

Arizona Diamondbacks princeofpower (MOD #1) (MOD #2)
Atlanta Braves biggentleben (MOD #1)
Baltimore Orioles mav22 (MOD #1)
Boston Red Sox Ezra Jones (MOD #1)
Chicago Cubs cubsfan5 (MOD #1)
Chicago White Sox - Think_blue (MOD #1) (MOD #2)
Cincinnati Reds
Cleveland Indians - Ryanhasch (MOD #1)
Colorado Rockies - ctcyawni
Detroit Tigers ScottMowers
Houston Astros - calibaseball27 (MOD #1)
Kansas City Royals Shaun Newkirk
Los Angeles Angels bluefan1410 (MOD #1)
Los Angeles Dodgers saulgoode (MOD #1) (MOD #2)
Miami Marlins - Penny Parker (MOD #1)
Milwaukee Brewers Ilikeburritos (MOD #1)
Minnesota Twins - John Sickels (MOD #1)
New York Mets mtk52983 (MOD #1) (MOD #1.5)
New York Yankees cookiedabookie (MOD #1)
Oakland Athletics guessatomo (MOD #1) (MOD #2)
Philadelphia Phillies - Nick Melotte (MOD #1)
Pittsburgh Pirates lomo45
St. Louis Cardinals cardzzilla (MOD #1)
San Diego Padres lyrefire (MOD #1)  (MOD #1.5) (MOD #2)
San Francisco Giants bp42810 (MOD #1)
Seattle Mariners reillocity (MOD #1)
Tampa Bay Rays AndrewTorrez (MOD #1)
Texas Rangers Mgaul12 (MOD #1)
Toronto Blue Jays - casejud (MOD #1)
Washington Nationals Inter politics (MOD #1)

I must reiterate this to all scouting directors. Any scouting director who does not or cannot maintain MOD's or be there for the draft will be relieved of their responsibility. The tolerance level for disruptive behavior with this project is extremely low and John will not hesitate to pull the plug on someone not doing their job.

If a scouting director signs up but neglects the project or finds they don't have the time to do it properly, they will be relieved of command at his discretion.