Yankees MOD #1 (2016 Community Mock Draft)

Hey everyone, this will be quick and short. I will update information when I get home.

For the second straight year, the Yankees are picking in the top 20, a rarity for a team that so often is at the back end of drafts and/or gives up their draft picks to sign high priced free agents. The slot bonus at #18 is $2,441,600.

The Yankees do not have a lot of strong overall draft tendencies. The strongest is when picking a pitcher, the go with left handed pitchers more often than most other teams. In the first round, they do pick college bats more than most other teams. Given this, and their arm-heavy top of the 2015 draft, let's focus on college bats.

So, who do you think will be available at #18 for college bats, and who would you like or expect to see them target? I will share my ideas after I get some input from others (I don't want to pollute the thinking pool).

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