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HS pitcher throws four straight no-hitters!


Brennan Oxford, a 2018 New Hampshire HS pitcher committed to Wake Forest, has thrown four straight no-hitters!

Daniel Poncedeleon injured on line drive


He had surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. Let's all give him the best wishes we can!

2016 League Top Hitters lists


2016 League Top Hitters lists via GAPPER points.

2016 League Top Pitchers Lists


Top 20 pitching prospects in each league based on GAPPER points.

Kris Bryant pranks Mesa Community College


Cubs 3B and former top prospect Kris Bryant teamed up with Red Bull and Mesa Community college to pull a prank on the JuCo team. Bryant arrives as sophomore European transfer student "Roy Nabryt".

All prospects from Gomez trade make Milwaukee's top 30!


Jesus. The Brewers just replenished their farm big time.

Potential 2015 first round targets for Yankees


Posted this at Pinstripe Alley. Just wanted to share here as well.

Phillies Prospect Carlos Tocci Having A GOOD Start to Season


Outfielder Carlos Tocci is a bright spot in a lacking Phillies farm system. While Baseball America ranked the nineteen-year-old #5 in the organization, this is his third year in Lakewood. There are several reports stating that he entered camp 11 pounds heavier and so far that added power is resulting in big power results. There should be little concern about his repeating the level. For a player that young, he's on pace.