Orioles Mod #1

Welcome to the first Baltimore Orioles MOD. The Orioles have not added a ton of talent the last two drafts.

In 2014, they did not have a first or second round pick. Their 3rd[Brian Gonzalez] has been less then dominant and their 4th[Patrick Connaughton] is currently averaging 1 point a game in the NBA playoffs, so his future could still be in baseball. Fifth round pick David Hess is probably the best hope of the bunch.

In 2015, their 3rd, 4th and 5th rounders round out the back end of their top 30 according to MLB Pipeline. And their second rounder, Jonathan Hughes did not sign. Their 1st first rounder[D.J. Stewart] is a stat player who is not producing stats. And although I really like their 2nd first rounder Ryan Mountcastle, he was hitting a buck ninety just 4 days ago. Not great.

So lets try to change that and add a ton of talent to their minor league system with these picks....

27. Orioles: $2,097,200

54. Orioles: $1,177,200

69. Orioles: $934,400

76. Orioles: $838,900

91. Orioles: $665,800

121. Orioles: $487,100

To give you an idea, I posted my drafting philosophy here... ....

And I listed my 2015 rankings here....

Feel free to give your opinions about who you think the Orioles should draft. What you think about their minor leagues or team needs. Although, that will only play a small part in who they should draft. I will try and take every opinion into account. I would love to here any Oriole rumors. Who they might be looking at.

The next MOD I will discuss my preliminary top 30, who I drafted in 2014 as the Royals Mod and 2015 as the Pirates MOD and the players we might be looking at with the 22nd pick for the Orioles. So who do you like at 22?

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