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MLB Baseball Draft

2018 MLB Draft: Round three review, spots 89-96

2018 MLB Draft: Round three review, spots 79-88

2018 MLB Draft: Comp Round B review, spots 69-78

2018 MLB Draft: second round review, 61-68

2018 MLB draft: Second round review, spots 51-60

2018 MLB draft: Comp/Second round review, spots 41-50

More draft summaries. . .

2018 MLB draft: Compensation round review, spots 31-40

More early results from the 2018 draft. . .

2018 MLB Draft: First round review, spots 21-30

2018 MLB Draft: First round review, spots 11-20

2018 MLB Draft: First round review, spots 1-10

Quick review of how first-rounders stand, part one

Tracking the 2018 MLB Draft: Cincinnati Reds

Reds 2018 draft picks join the top-prospects list.

Tracking the 2018 MLB Draft: Chicago White Sox

White Sox 2018 draft picks join the mid-season top-prospect list.

Tracking the 2018 MLB Draft: Chicago Cubs

Three Cubs prospects join the mid-season top-prospect ranks.

More fast starts for 2018 draftees

Nick Madrigal, Jordan Groshans, Jeremiah Jackson, and Kyle Isbel all off to hot starts

Three Fast Starts for 2018 draftees

Brice Turang, Nolan Gorman, and Seth Beer are off to strong starts in pro ball

MLB Draft Recap: NL West

2018 MLB Draft Recap: NL Central

Shaun Kernahan reviews the NL Central classes

MLB Draft Recap: NL East

MLB Draft Recap: AL West

Looking at the AL West draft classes

MLB Draft Recap: AL Central

MLB Draft Recap: AL East

Analyzing the AL East draft classes

2018 MLB Draft: Day Three discussion

Rounds 11-40. . .

2018 MLB Draft: Day Two overnight and Day Three morning chat

How did your team do?

2018 MLB Draft Day Two: Liveblogging

Follow along in the comments section

2018 MLB Draft: Overnight and morning chat

Discuss your impressions of the 2018 MLB Draft day one, and your hopes for day two

2018 MLB Draft: Second round results

Live-blogging the second round

2018 MLB Draft: Supplemental/compensation round

Live-blogging each pick as it happens

2018 MLB Draft: First Round results

Live-blogging each pick

2018 MLB Draft: Some final thoughts

With less than two hours to go before the 2018 MLB draft begins, here are some final thoughts

2018 MLB Draft Player Profiles

Reports for players likely to be selected in the upcoming 2018 MLB Draft

2018 MLB Draft: Jameson Hannah, OF, Dallas Baptist

Speedy line drive hitter could slot into first round of ‘18 draft

2018 MLB Draft: Jordan Groshans, 3B, Magnolia, Texas

Power bat and overall athleticism could fit well at third base


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