Rangers MOD #1

Welcome to the 2016 MOD of the Texas Rangers!

My name is Matt, and I will be the Director for the mock draft this year. After participating in the past but recently taking a hiatus I am looking forward to this years edition. Before we get into debates such as BPA vs. Need, High School vs. College, etc. I just thought I should post the actual picks that we are going to be mocking in this draft and their respective bonus slot values.

Rangers Picks and Bonus Slot Values

1st Round, 30th Overall - $2,003,400

2nd Round, 63rd Overall - $1,024,900

3rd Round, 99th Overall - $602,400

4th Round, 129th Overall - $451,000

I am looking for all of the input from both Rangers fans and the community of MinorLeagueBall as a whole. My goal is to have as clear of a draft plan/strategy as possible heading into the draft and would like to generate as much discussion as possible! Furthermore, I am looking for an Assistant Director. If you are interested, please comment below outlining why you would be a good fit.

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