Red Sox MOD #1

Hey all. This is my first year doing this so any suggestions would be welcome.

The Red Sox hold the 12th, 51st, 88th and 118th picks in the 2016 draft. The Red Sox currently have a very strong farm system and have a bonus pool of $6,997,400.

Based on cookiedabookie's spreadsheet, the Red Sox seem to shy away from high school bats in the first round, but the rest is basically a tossup. In the second round, it seems a little more likely that they would take a college bat, but again it is all basically a tossup. But then in the third round, there seems to be a strong preference for bats, and then in the fourth round a strong preference for college arms.

In the first round I'm looking at Zack Collins, Braxton Garrett, Buddy Reed and Nick Senzel.

What do you guys think?

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