Nationals MOD #1

So here we are again, speculating on the next batch of pro ball wannabees. It's a muddled class, with no definitive 1:1 guys and even if the top 20 or so seem fairly consistent, prognosticators, scouts and teams do and will have greatly altering opinions of the next 50-100. Some bemoan the lack of clarity in this draft. Personally, I find the unpredictability more interesting, as consensus becomes a little tiring. Each draft brings in so many players and variables, that it's impossible to say a draft is 'good' or 'bad' until years after anyway. Every draft is a celebration of the game and as an outsider, symbolic of the American dream mindset. As lovers of the game, I think we all hope these guys make it.

The Nationals generally favor towards the college side and I'm more a track record guy too. Now, I tend to be wary of high school pitching but I also acknowledge this is a strength at the top of this draft. 9 (10 if you think Josh Lowe is a pitcher - I don't) of my top 30 are high school arms and you can make a case for a few more - Reggie Lawson, Alex Speas, Austin Bergner, Jared Horn, Jeff Belge, Kyle Muller. There's plenty of upside but of course risk too, which forms a large part of my general skepticism towards this group. However, I do believe you have to play to the strengths of the draft so I'm much more reciprocal of picking a younger arm this year.

In addition, I don't think you should really draft in consideration of the big league team and to an extent, the farm itself (there are exceptions of course). So fast moving college arms are not off the table either, despite the Strasburg deal and the potential of a rotation to rival the Mets in the coming years.

I will talk more specifics next time but any names or draft strategy discussion is of course welcomed. For now, please see below the picks (and slot allocation) we shall be making this year in the community mock draft:

28.	$2,065,900
29.	$2,034,600
58.	$1,107,000
94.	$635,800
124.	$473,300

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