Toronto Blue Jays, MOD 1


Hello fellow Canadians, and other Blue Jay fans. I hope you are well.

I'm hoping to do my best Mark Shapiro impersonation here and erase the Blue Jays trend of not signing 1st round draft picks, and of course.. draft the right guy. Since this is fantasy, I think we can get the signing done, and we'll see if we can draft the right guys as well. Only time will tell on that, but that is part of the fun.

Blue Jays draft 21st in round 1, have the 57th and 66 selections in round 2 (the extra one coming from not signing Brady Singer last year), and have the 102nd pick in round 3, giving us a chance to add some nice depth to a farm system that took some hits last year to help the big club.

I enjoy the Jays as a hard-nosed, quality veteran club and I am interested in anybody who watches them play every day, or has views on the direction of the club. Should adding to that winning window be a factor with these picks? Should we just be looking farther ahead?

I also was busy and slow to get views of this year's amateur talent, and am in the process of looking at some of the players I haven't seen in a while, and will be discussing my impressions of players with the next MOD. I threw up a poll of the most likely available players available in round 1, but Im very interested in anyone's ideas on who we should take and why as well.

Let me know what you think!

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