Braves MOD #1

So, this is my first year doing the mock draft here, though I've been a follower of John's since his ESPN days. I've been a writer with Tomahawk Take on the FanSided network for just short of 3 years now, and my position on that site is the minor league coordinator, including putting together a top 100 Braves prospect list in the offseason.

I've done a number of articles on Tomahawk Take on the draft so far, including my attempt at a mock through pick 41, based on the research and connections I've got around the game and the industry.

So what say you? Is it hitter or bust? What would be the best strategy for the Braves 4 picks in the top 80?

Links to the first few articles I've put up on the draft already from a Braves perspective:
Initial March 28 Article
April 9th Update
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Mock Draft

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