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Since nobody responded to my musings on Draft Theory, I guess I will have to talk about players. Any discussion about the Mets picks has to cover their 2 first round picks and second round pick because they tend to go BPA after that, although they tend to like their 4th Round college bats.

The one thing that seems pretty solid to me looking at the talent in this draft is that they are in a good position to land a college arm with their compensatory pick at 31. I do think they need to land a college pitcher in the first two rounds despite the quality of their present pitching staff. A number of starters are approaching Free Agency by the time the draftee should be ready and the Mets have a lack of quality starting pitching in the high minors due to trades, graduations and the failure of previous High School draftees to develop as planned.

For the other two picks, the Mets have generally looked at High School players and this year have been rumored to be following the High School Bats. HS guys like Lowe and Jones could be attractive to the Mets with their first pick. There are also a number of prep arms I really like. I would have no problem with a prep arm like Manning (if he fell) and then waiting until Round 2 to grab a bat. The Mets need middle of the order power and speed, but I do not see them addressing that this year. As it pertains to the former, there just is not quality in that area. There are players who may develop down the line, but A.J. Reed/Joey Gallo-type players are not there this year. The Mets also tend to prefer better swings and hope that power comes as the player fills out. They are also not afraid to take a chance with someone who may not have a definitive defensive position if they like the bat, but I do not see them going for someone like Collins as Catcher is the one position they have tended to look at a player who can hack it defensively. Finally, regarding speed players they have not looked that way in the past and I do not see them changing now as there aren't many stolen base threats who have the polish the Mets like in terms of swings.

I know I have mentioned some names, but Mets fans feel free to suggest others for review/discussion.

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