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Merry Christmas, Dodger's Fans

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John wanted me to post this list for you, with a request that when you argue, and you will, please keep it civil.

Los Angeles Dodgers Top 20 Prospects for 2008

All grades are EXTREMELY PRELIMINARY and subject to change.

  1. Clayton Kershaw, LHP, Grade A
  2. Andy LaRoche, 3B, Grade A- (I still really like him)
  3. James McDonald, RHP, Grade B+
  4. Chin-Lung Hu, SS, Grade B
  5. Jonathan Meloan, RHP, Grade B
  6. Dewlyn Young, OF, Grade B-
  7. Chris Withrow, RHP, Grade B-
  8. Scott Elbert, LHP, Grade C+ (would rank higher if healthy)
  9. Blake DeWitt, 3B, Grade C+
  10. Andrew Lambo, 1B, Grade C+
  11. Pedro Baez, 3B, Grade C+
  12. Josh Bell, 3B, Grade C+
  13. Ivan DeJesus, SS, Grade C+
  14. James Adkins, LHP, Grade C+
  15. Xavier Paul, OF, Grade C+
  16. Justin Orenduff, RHP, Grade C+
  17. Austin Gallagher, 3B, Grade C (might rank at C+, still thinking)
  18. Jamie Hoffman, OF, Grade C
  19. Jaime Pedroza, SS, Grade C
  20. Ramon Troncoso, RHP, Grade C
There are 16 other players in the book rated Grade C, all of them interchangeable in the lower spots on this list. This system took a hit from major league graduations last year, but they have the ability to recharge quickly and several of these Grade C+/C guys have strong potential at higher levels, though we need to see more information

LaRoche may rank a notch too high at Grade A- but I still really love him.

Of course, full statistics and reports on over 1,000 other players will be in the 2008 Baseball Prospect Book, now available for pre-order. Ships the first Monday in February!