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Community Project: Sleeper Alerts

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I have a community project for you guys.

Here is the list of SLEEPER ALERT! players from the 2008 book.

Mike Anton, LHP
Antonio Bastardo, LHP
Jhoulys Chacin, RHP
Allen Craig, 3B
Michael Dunn, LHP
Charlie Furbush, LHP
Jeremy Hefner, RHP
David Hernandez, RHP
Kyle Kaminska, RHP
Mike McCardell, RHP
Logan Morrison,1B
David Robertson, RHP
Henry Rodriguez, RHP
Heath Rollins, RHP
Rocky Roquet, RHP
Marc Rzepczynski, LHP
James Skelton, C
Jeremy Slayden, OF
Mike Tarsi, LHP

There are other guys I mentioned as sleepers in their comments, but these are the guys I used the SLEEPER ALERT! headline on.

I need someone or multiple someones to go through the players on this list, and any other players you find in the 2008 book that I mentioned as sleepers within their comments, and see how these guys did, good or bad. I'm trying to find patterns of guys I'm right about, AND guys I'm wrong about, too, so do not worry about hurting my feelings about someone I was wrong about. This is how I improve my methods.

I'm trying to make the SLEEPER ALERTS a more formal process in the 2009 book, but I am extremely short of time and don't have the time to research what happened last year and to write the book at the same time. If you guys can help me out with this look backwards, it is much appreciated.

NOTE: I AM NOT LOOKING FOR 2009 SLEEPERS IN THIS THREAD! Those should be put in the organization threads, this thread is for guys listed as sleepers in 2008 or previous seasons, to see how they did.