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New York Mets 2011 Top 20 PRE-SEASON Prospects in Review

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New York Mets 2011 Top 20 PRE-SEASON Prospects in Review

I am reviewing my PRE-SEASON list of Top 20 prospects for 2011 for each organization, continuing today with the New York Mets. This list was originally published October 29, 2010. We will look at the Oakland Athletics on Tuesday, the Houston Astros on Wednesday, the Chicago White Sox on Thursday, the Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday, and the Cleveland Indians to finish things off Saturday.

This is a review of the 2011 Pre-Season Top 20 list. IT IS NOT A NEW LIST. THESE ARE NOT NEW GRADES

The 2012 list and new grades won't be ready until the season is over and I start writing the book.

1) Wilmer Flores, SS, Grade B+: Hitting .275/.314/.392 with nine homers, 23 walks, 58 strikeouts in 451 at-bats for High-A St. Lucie. He just turned 20 this month. I'm still not sure what the Mets have here but given his age I don't want to downgrade him too aggressively.


2) Jenrry Mejia, RHP, Grade B:  Tommy John surgery.

3) Matt Harvey, RHP, Grade B:  2.37 ERA with 92/24 K/BB in 76 innings for St. Lucie, then 4.99 ERA with 48/11 K/BB in 40 innings for Double-A Binghamton, 44 hits, 1.62 GO/AO. The ERA in Double-A is misleading and overall he's having a very strong debut.

4) Aderlin Rodriguez, 3B, Grade B-:  Hitting .219/.270/.355 with 13 homers, 29 walks, 96 strikeouts in 439 at-bats for Low-A Savannah, 39 errors at third base. Very raw on both sides of the ball, still just 19.

5) Fernando Martinez, OF, Grade B-:   .260/.329/.417 with 18 walks, 60 strikeouts in 223 at-bats for Triple-A Buffalo, .227/.261/.455 in 22 at-bats for the Mets. Still just 22, but has made little progress and at this point I think a change of scenery would be beneficial.

6) Cory Vaughn, OF, Grade B-:  .286/.405/.408 with 36 walks, 64 strikeouts in 245 at-bats for Savannah, then .239/.345/.387 with 19 walks and 36 strikeouts in 142 at-bats for St. Lucie. Power somewhat disappointing this year, drawing some walks, tools are still here.

7) Juan Urbina, LHP, Grade B-:  6.69 ERA with 36/16 K/BB in 40 innings, 53 hits for Kingsport in the Appalachian League. I felt he was capable of better but he is only 18 and still has time.

8) Reese Havens, 2B, Grade C+: Hitting .294/.377/.431 with 20 walks, 43 strikeouts in 153 at-bats for Binghamton. One again, it is all a matter of health for Havens.

9) Lucas Duda, OF-1B, Grade C+:  .302/.414/.597 in 129 at-bats for Buffalo, .276/.347/.448 with 18 walks, 30 strikeouts in 174 at-bats for the Mets. I think his major league performance is a genuine expression of his talent level.

10) Kirk Nieuwenhuis, OF, Grade C+:  .298/.403/.505 with 32 walks, 59 strikeouts in 188 at-bats for Buffalo before injuring his left shoulder.

11) Zach Lutz, 3B, Grade C+:  .304/.389/.500 with 19 walks, 47 strikeouts in 158 at-bats for Buffalo, missing time with a hamstring injury, finger injury, and concussion.

12) Cesar Puello, OF, Grade C+:  I got a lot of flak for rating him this low. Hitting .250/.306/.389 with 17 walks, 98 strikeouts in 404 at-bats for St. Lucie, 15 steals. On-base skills inadequate for a leadoff man.

13) Jeurys Familia, RHP, Grade C+:  1.49 ERA with 36/8 K/BB in 36 innings for St. Lucie, 21 hits.  3.78 ERA with 77/27 K/BB in 67 innings for Binghamton, 65 hits. I'm impressed with the improvement in his command, and he's always had the stuff. Stock up.

14) Armando Rodriguez, RHP, Grade C+:  3.75 ERA with 66/24 K/BB in 60 innings for St. Lucie, 46 hits. Few complaints here, Double-A will show us if his stuff is good enough.

15) Sean Ratliff, OF, Grade C+: Hit in the face with a foul ball in spring training.

16) Albert Cordero, C, Grade C+: Hitting .286/.318/.402 with 11 walks, 54 strikeouts in 311 at-bats for Savannah. Has caught 42% of runners, but very high passed ball and error rates.

17) Matt Den Dekker, OF, Grade C+:   .296/.362/.494 with 24 walks, 65 strikeouts in 267 at-bats for St. Lucie, .234/.318/.422 with 20 walks, 65 strikeouts in 192 at-bats for Binghamton. 21 steals overall. Strikeout rate is much too high right now.

18) Darrell Ceciliani, OF, Grade C+ I also got crap for rating this guy fairly low.  Hitting .249/.334/.343 with 38 walks, 81 strikeouts in 350 at-bats for Savannah. 17 steals.

19) Jefry Marte, 3B, Grade C+  Hitting .249/.316/.349 with 37 walks, 76 strikeouts in 421 at-bats for St. Lucie. 12 steals. Gradually improving defense and still just 20.

20) Mark Cohoon, LHP, Grade C+:   3.81 ERA with 44/17 K/BB in 52 innings for Binghamton, 6.49 ERA with 40/24 K/BB and 87 hits in 68 innings for Buffalo. Finesse game not working against Triple-A hitters.

21) Dillon Gee, RHP, Grade C:  4.07 ERA for the Mets with a 77/47 K/BB in 117 innings, 97 hits. Eating innings effectively at the major league level.

Flores remains an enigma  and there are some unfortunate injuries, but if I were a Mets fan, I would be very pleased with the development of Harvey and Familia in particular. Duda and Gee have contributed well to the major league club, and a healthy Nieuwenhuis and Havens could do the same next year