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Minor League Ball and MLB Bonus Baby Merger

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I'm Matt Garrioch. Some of you know me from MLB Bonus Baby, others may not, but I've been blogging there for just over a year about the MLB Draft. With so much cross over between the minor leagues and the draft, it only makes sense to merge the two blogs into one making this the one stop for prospect information.

Nothing that you previously enjoyed about Minor League Ball will change, as John will still be doing his draft pieces and continuing his Shadow Draft for the Twins. I will only be adding extra content here. John and I don't always have the same opinion on players but that makes for good conversation and gives you more knowledge of the future of the game.

To start, I will be posting my top 100 college and high school prospect lists. They will be up soon and I will detail specific players in the coming weeks and keep you updated on what is changing in the draft landscape as it approaches.