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Suggestion Thread

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With the organization ranking list done, my next "long term" projects are an integrated Top 100 list and beginning my 2012 draft coverage. The Top 100 list will come out in mid-to-late February, and the draft stuff takes time to research. I haven't focused on the draft yet. Matt will be posting quite a bit about it but I need to do my own research as well.

In the meantime, I am working on ideas for additional features. I have some things in mind suggested by readers. In no particular order, I am planning

*Anthony Gose vs. Starling Marte Smackdown
*Cheslor Cuthbert vs. Miguel Sano Smackdown
*Prospect Retros/Historical Prospects (make some suggestions)
*Front office interviews
*My favorite Grade C prospects

Feel free to suggest more ideas.