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Update on 2012 Baseball Prospect Book

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I have good news and bad news about the 2012 Baseball Prospect Book.

The good news is that thanks to the response last week, we ordered some extra copies and everyone who has ordered the paper copy up to now will definitely get one. That won't be true for long, so if you want to be guaranteed a paper copy, order now!

More good news is that, barring any sort of technical glitch, this weekend we will be sending out the electronic .pdf version to everyone who ordered the electronic copy. Watch your emails!

More good news: we sent out the 50/50 list last night to all orders that gave us a valid email and will be sending that list to all orders within 24 hours of their receipt.

The bad news: we had planned on shipping the paper copies of the book starting Saturday, January 28th. However, there was a problem at the printing company, and they can't deliver the books to us until next Tuesday, January 31st, at the earliest. This means that the book will start shipping to customers on Wednesday, February 1st, at the earliest.

Technically this isn't late, since we had been advertising a February 1st shipping date all along. However, we had told some customers that we would start shipping the book on Saturday. It is disappointing that we can't do this, and please accept our apologizes.