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Minor League Ball Update

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As you have probably noticed, we have a lot going on here at Minor League Ball right now. The 2012 Baseball Prospect Book comes out next week. I recently posted organization rankings, ranking the 30 baseball farm systems in order. That got a big response.

The other big news is the addition of Matt Garrioch and his draft expertise to the Minor League Ball roster. Matt had done great work at MLB Bonus Baby covering the draft. I have long wanted to expand draft coverage, and it made perfect sense to merge Bonus Baby into Minor League Ball.

Matt is extremely knowledgeable, his work deserves a wider audience, and he will make Minor League Ball an even cooler place. I will still be writing my own draft material, including the Shadow Draft, but you can expect to see Matt's work more and more frequently as we move into draft season.

There are other changes in the works for 2012. Nothing that you like about Minor League Ball will change, but we plan on adding more features. Our goal is to make Minor League Ball your one-stop shopping center for all your prospect needs.