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Draft Decision: Pitcher or Hitter

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Every year there are a few guys who have elite talent on the mound and at the plate. Last year Dylan Bundy was a good 3B, but that was an easy decision, even if he hit near .500. Kaleb Cowart, Casey Kelly, Aaron Hicks and many others have fallen into this category. It's a decision that could make or break their career. Some re-make themselves into pitchers like Sergio Santos, Alexei Ogando and even Tim Wakefield and some come back as hitters like Rick Ankiel but many never get the chance.

Several prospects this year have tremendous potential at the plate and on the mound.

I'll just name a few and what I think should happen.

Rio Ruiz : 3B

Duane Underwood : P

Austin Maddox : P

Brian Johnson : P

Jameis Winston : P, if he hits, drop switch hitting and stick to Right

Lewis Brinson : This is tough, OF

Joey Gallo : 3B

Courtney Hawkins : OF

A few others seem to be already decided like Lance McCullers, Hunter Virant, Max Fried and other very high end arms who have considerably lesser hitting ability. What do you guys think? If I missed others, feel free to mention them.