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Draft Prospect of the Day: Courtney Hawkins

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Courtney Hawkins, OF, Carrol, TX

Hawkins is 6'3, 210 LBS and looks like he could play in the big leagues right now. He passes the eye test. His all around ability is very impressive and he is one of the few players from this year's draft that could be a star on the mound and at the plate.

On the mound, he can hit mid-90's and can make good hitters look bad, but I'm not going to focus on that because his arm is best used from the Outfield. He can cover a lot of ground right now but will likely slow down as he gets a little older. He is likely to end up in RF but could stay in CF just long enough for you to hope he can stick there. No matter where he plays, he will be an above average defender.

At the plate is where Hawkins can really show his potential. He is raw in his approach and will likely have his share of strike outs because he gets out front on off speed pitches and generally attacks each pitch. The positive from that is the power he produces. He isn't just a batting practice hitter. He can hit against game pitching and has usable power that no other high school hitter and few college hitters from this class can match.

His speed is impressive, his power is well above average and he could give CF a run in pro ball. He could be a 20-20 guy, or a 30-10 guy in pro ball. If he decides not to sign, he is committed to Texas and could help turn that program around with CJ Hinojosa, but he should go in the top half of the 1st round and sign there.

Courtney Hawkins, RHP/OF Mary Carroll High School 2011 Perfect Game All-American Classic (via rkyosh007)