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Draft Prospect of the Day: Marcus Stroman

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Marcus Stroman, RHP, Duke

Stroman is a short, stocky righty who is very muscular and athletic. He is listed as 5'9",190 LBS. A shortstop in high school, Stroman has a ton of potential on the mound. He can run his fastball up to 98 and can sit from 94-98 MPH. He is very athletic and repeats his delivery well. He has a nasty hard slider that is an out pitch and a plus changeup that he throws from a low 3/4 delivery.

He has 3 MLB ready pitches. That is what it typically takes to be a MLB starter. Even with this, many see Stroman as a reliever. I don't. I think he can be a dominant starter, while maybe not an ace, a very solid #2 starter with potential to be lights out any day he takes the mound. As a reliever, he could get out MLB hitters right now. Considering he just started focusing on pitching recently, he has a fresh arm and polish greater than his experience.

While it is possible he ends up in the pen, he has a ton of potential as a starter and proved he has the stamina to do it this season at Duke. I would expect him to go off the board in the top 10 this June.

Marcus Stroman (07-03-2011) USA vs Japan (Durham, N.C.) (via DiamondScapeBaseball)