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Yu Darvish vs. Bryce Harper

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I've been thinking more about Texas Rangers signing Yu Darvish today and was trying to figure out a new angle to approach this, to stimulate more community discussion.

I asked a poll question about Darvish yesterday, and so far 54% of you think that the Rangers did NOT spend too much money on him, that he'll be worth the $111 million in other words.

What I want to do today is take monetary considerations away and focus on Darvish's value to a team, solely in terms of wins or losses.

Not worrying about money, if you could have Yu Darvish or Washington Nationals prospect Bryce Harper for the next ten years, who would you pick? I'm not thinking in fantasy terms here, but rather real life baseball. Who would you rather have for the next decade? I realize that Harper might not be in the majors in 2012, so assume that Harper's "decade clock" for purposes of the question begins whenever he reaches the majors, even if that is 2013 or 2014.