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Answering Some Poll Questions

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I thought yesterday's poll question regarding Yu Darvish and Bryce Harper would be closer. I thought Harper would win, but I didn't expect such a wipeout result, currently 88% in favor of Harper.

Would the result be the same if I asked a slightly different question? How about this one: if you had to spend $111 million on either Darvish or Harper, who would you pick?

The other poll question I recently asked was about Dellin Betances of the New York Yankees and Jarred Cosart of the Houston Astros, a pair of Grade B pitching prospects. Cosart came out ahead here with 53% of the vote. I asked this question because it came down to either Betances or Cosart for the final spot on my Top 50 Pitching Prospect list. In the end, I went with Betances.

I am taking tomorrow off. I hope to have my Organization Rankings complete on Monday or Tuesday at the latest, and we'll start adding other feature pieces as we move towards spring training.