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Detroit Tigers Preliminary Prospect List

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Preliminary Tigers list below. This is a relatively thin system once you get past the top few guys, and some of these names are rather marginal.

Duane Below                LHP
Dan Bennett                RHP
Rob Brantly                C
Alex Burgos                LHP
Josue Carreno              RHP
Nick Castellanos           3B
Tyler Collins              OF
Casey Crosby               LHP
Matt Crouse                LHP
Kevin Eichhorn             RHP
Kenny Faulk                LHP
Daniel Fields              OF
Brian Flynn                LHP
Avisail Garcia             OF
Tyler Gibson               OF
Dean Green                 1B
Justin Henry               OF
Jamie Johnson              OF
Corey Jones                2B
Ramon Lebron               RHP
Brandon Loy                SS
Luis Marte                 RHP
James McCann               C
Gustavo Nunez              SS
Andrew Oliver              LHP
Brenny Paulino             RHP
Bruce Rondon               RHP
Kyle Ryan                  LHP
Adelin Santa               3B
Drew Smyly                 LHP
Ryan Strieby               1B
Eugenio Suarez             SS
Jacob Turner               RHP
Danry Vasquez              OF
Jay Voss                   LHP
Aaron Westlake             1B
Adam Wilk                  LHP
Ryan Woolley               RHP