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Draft Prospect of the Day: Clate Schmidt

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Clate Schmidt, RHP, Acworth, GA

Schmidt is a lean, athletic 6'2, 180 LBS. He is also a very good SS for his high school team and is the best athlete on the field. That will change in pro ball but he will be the type of player that will be able to adjust quickly and hopefully repeat his delivery better due to great athleticism. He rotates back and delivers from a 3/4 delivery that does have some effort. He consistently is in the 91-94 range and is as high as 96, his fastball has good life and he commands it well. He was one of the best pitchers at the PG All-American Game, if not the best, in my opinion.

His breaking ball is one of the best in the draft on the prep side. At least in the top 4 along with Lucas Giolito, Max Fried and Ty Hensley. His changeup is not a weapon at this point but he has had little need to work on it as well.

Schmidt is a very good pitching prospect and reminds me of Jake Odorizzi in 2008. I could see him developing into a similar prospect. I personally like him more than I should probably, and could see him as a middle of the first round type of pick. If he slides and doesn't sign, Clemson is where he is signed to attend college.

CLATE SCHMIDT (via Fidog91)