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Draft Prospect of the Day: Kyle Zimmer

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Kyle Zimmer, RHP, San Francisco

Zimmer is built in the power pitcher mold at 6'4", 220 LBS and has the fastball to go along with it. Sitting 92-96 and reportedly reaching triple digits on occasion. He is this year's biggest riser essentially coming out of nowhere within the last year. He pitched very little his freshman year, and some last season. He has done well both of the last two years in summer leagues, especially last year in Cape Cod. He is an athletic pitcher who was a solid hitter prior to going to the mound full time and making himself into a top of the draft talent.

Along with this hard fastball, he has a power slider that is very good at times but is inconsistent. It can be near un-hittable when low in the zone but he has a hard time pin pointing it. His changeup is rudimentary and will need time to develop as well. His command has potential but is inconsistent. His athleticism should help it come along quicker but he is a project.

I am always skeptical of fast risers like this. I believe he is for real but needs to be looked at as if he is a good high school pitcher more than a polished college pitcher. I think he will need more development time than many college arms and it would not shock me to see him end up in the back of a bullpen with two plus pitches.

That said, he has been talked about as a 1-1 candidate. I would place him at the back of the top 10.

Kyle Zimmer Prospect Video (via Fidog91)