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2012 MLB Draft Prospects by Age

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Below is a list sorted by age of the high school players I have in the top 300 prospects. There are a few I don't have ages on but none of them should go in the first round. This list is based on standard deviation converted into the 20-80 scale. Average is 18.57, standard deviation is 0.37.

Carlos Correa is one of the youngest and also one of the best. If you were on the Francisco Lindor bandwagon due to his age, here is the new one to hop on.

There are a few good names on the list near the top. D.J. Davis is flying up draft boards this spring, just as he flies on the diamond. This is one other element that may help his cause. Chase Mullins is an interesting name. He is an enormous lefty that needs developmental time to work out his mechanics but his age is working for him.

On the other end of the spectrum, Keon Barnum is old for a high schooler as well as Rock Rucker and Avery Romero on the power hitting end.

Matt Crownover is recovering from TJ surgery and he is already old for high school.

To me the guys between 40 and 60 shouldn't be looked at too hard as out of the ordinary. For the rest, it should be considered when looking at their current skill level.

Name age POS
Carlos Correa 70 SS
Steven Golden 69 OF
Jamie Callahan 68 P
Cody Poteet 66 P
Kieran Lovegrove 66 P
Walker Buehler 66 P
D.J. Davis 65 3B
Anthony Alford 65 OF
Duane Underwood 65 P
Chase Mullins 65 P
CJ Hinojosa 65 SS
Carson Kelly 65 3B
Rhett Wiseman 63 OF
Lucas Giolito 62 P
Nelson Rodriguez 62 C
Ryan Burr 61 P
Jose Orlando Berrios 61 P
Rio Ruiz 61 3B
Jesmuel Valentin Diaz 60 SS
Lucas Sims 60 P
Vahn Bozoian 60 OF
Lewis Brinson 60 OF
Mitchell Traver 59 P
Christopher Chinea 59 C
Corey Seager 59 3B
Stryker Trahan 59 C
Albert Almora 58 OF
Tomas Nido 58 C
Mitchell Brown 58 P
Troy Conyers 58


Zach Eflin 57 P
David Dahl 57 OF
Jonny Locher 57 OF
Alex Bregman 57 SS
Matt Olson 57 1B
Austin Fairchild 56 P
Bryan De La Rosa 56 C
Daniel Robertson 56 3B
Edwin Diaz 56 P
Alec Rash 56 P
Matthew Smoral 56 P
Russell Reynolds 55 P
Trey Williams 55 3B
Jason Goldstein 55 C
Adrian Marin 55 OF
Zach Green 55 SS
Fernelys Sanchez 55 OF
Daniel Starwalt 53 P
Kolby Copeland 53 OF
Vincent Jackson 53 OF
Ryan McNeil 52 P
Nick Travieso 52 P
Cole Irvin 52 P
Jake Thompson 52 P
Robert Whalen 52 P
Tyler Pike 52 P
Addison Russell 52 SS
Hunter Virant 52 P
D'Vone McClure 52 OF
Felipe Perez 52 P
Max Fried 51 P
Skye Bolt 51 OF
Ron Miller 51 3B
Jameis Winston 51 OF
Eric Neitzel 50 3B
Connor Baits 50 P
Wyatt Mathisen 50 C
Kyle Twomey 50 P
Chase DeJong 50 P
Joe Munoz 50 3B
Gavin Cecchini 49 SS
Colin Rodgers 49 P
Byron Buxton 49 OF
Carson Fulmer 49 P
Clate Schmidt 49 P
J.T. Phillips 48 3B
Paul Blackburn 48 P
Kayden Porter 48 P
Bralin Jackson 48 OF
Matt Gonzalez 48 SS
Teddy Stankiewicz 47 P
Nathan Kirby 47 P
Joey Gallo 47 3B
Josh Henderson 47 OF
Walker Weickel 47 P
Courtney Hawkins 46 OF
Nolan Gannon 46 P
Jack Wynkoop 46 P
Blake Hickman 45 C
Austin Dean 44 3B
Cameron (CJ) Saylor 44 C
Tanner Rahier 44 SS
Lance McCullers 43 P
Andrew Pullin 43 OF
Mitch Nay 43 1B
Ruben (RJ) Ybarra 43 C
Kevin Ross 42 SS
Joe DeCarlo 42 3B
Fernando Perez 42 3B
David Gonzalez 42 P
Dylan LaVelle 42 SS
Brandon Lopez 42 SS
Nick Williams 42 OF
Austin Aune 41 SS
Corey Oswalt 41 3B
Mikey White 41 SS
David Thompson 41 OF
Hayden Hurst 41 P
Xavier Turner 41 3B
Braden Bishop 40 OF
Jesse Winker 40 OF
Brett Lilek 39 P
Ty Hensley 39 P
Clint Coulter 39 C
Drew Jackson 39 SS
Ty Moore 38 P
Cameron Tekker 37 P
Taylore Cherry 36 P
Max Foody 35 P
Cal Becker 35 P
Tucker Simpson 33 P
Avery Romero 33 3B
Ty Buttrey 30 P
Rock Rucker 29 OF
Matt Crownover 28 P
Curt Britt 28 P
Tyler Gonzales 25 P
Keon Barnum 24 1B