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Links of Interest, May 3rd, 2012

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A few links of interest for you this afternoon:

**Mike Newman over at Fangraphs has a very interesting in-person scouting piece about Arizona Diamondbacks prospect Trevor Bauer. In particular, he discusses Bauer's propensity to throw fastballs high in the strike zone. Check it out. The piece includes video.

**Willie Mays Aikens was not a character in Major League. Until his career foundered on the rocks of drug abuse, he was an excellent hitter who could have been one of the star sluggers of his generation. Check out this outstanding piece about success, failure, redemption, and tragedy by SB Nation's Amy K. Nelson.

**We had 50 Pick 6 entries from Minor League Ball members yesterday, which ranked just 16th among SB Nation baseball blogs. Given that we are one of the most heavily-trafficked sites on the entire network, this is disappointing. C'mon the game, it is free and doesn't take long. It is too late to lock in picks for today's game but you can lock in for tomorrow.