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Some general thoughts on a Monday.

**We are on schedule to start shipping the 2011 Baseball Prospect Book this coming weekend.

**I will have a Chris Archer/Trey McNutt Prospect Smackdown for you Tuesday morning.

**It was reported recently that the Blue Jays will move prospect Brett Lawrie to third base and a reader asked my opinion about this. He played some third base as an amateur and was originally drafted as a catcher, so you'd think he has sufficient arm strength for the position. We'll have to see if the range and reliability are there, but he looks more like a natural third baseman than a second baseman visually. I still suspect he'll end up in the outfield, but it's worth a shot. 

**The Royals are apparently moving Wil Myers from catcher to the outfield. This also makes sense to me; his defense behind the plate was still quite rough but his bat is very advanced. He runs and throws well enough for right field and shouldn't need a huge amount of adaptation time. With Myers and Brett Eibner from the 2010 draft, the Royals should have their power-hitting right-handed hitting outfielder needs met quite nicely by 2013.