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737 Coming Out of the Sky

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Actually I'll be flying on an Airbus 319 if the US Airways computer is telling the truth, but "Airbus 319" doesn't fit into a song very easily.

Non-baseball topic for a travel day. What types of airliners have you flown in? My family did quite a bit of flying when I was younger, but since we lived in the Midwest and never flew overseas, everything was a short or medium-haul route. As a result I've never been on a widebody long-distance airliner like a 747.

In my life I've flown on Boeing 727s, 737s, and 757s, Airbus 319 and 320s, McDonnel Douglas DC-9s and MD-80s, and an Embraer E-190.  My favorite airliner of all time is the 727 tri-jet, but you don't see those in passenger service in the US anymore, due to poor fuel economy and noisy engines. I hope to fly in one of the bigger jets like a 767, 777, or the new 787, but unless I manage to get to Europe or Asia someday that's not going to happen flying out of Kansas City all the time.

I love flying, but the last few years it has become very painful. I have some sort of inner ear thing going on and the pressurization just kills me, to the point that I don't fly unless I have to. All the standard tricks like chewing gum don't work.