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Upcoming Schedule

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Upcoming Schedule, not in exact order.

**An AQA next week, not sure of exact day yet. I will update you about this.
**A look at the (in)famous Moneyball draft
**Sleepers from the 2011 draft for each organization

I voted for Brett Lawrie over Mike Trout by the way. I have seen both in person in the minors several times, and I love both of them. Both of them are Grade A prospects. But as much as I love Trout, I can't get that Lawrie performance I saw in Omaha back in May out of my mind. I think he's going to be better-than-fine with the glove, and while some growing pains are likely at some point, his bat is not a fluke. He has terrific bat speed, controls the strike zone reasonably well, and is underrated athlete. It's very close, but if I could pick one or the other, I think I would take Lawrie right now.