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Morning Notes, April 7, 2010

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Wednesday Notes, April 7, 2010

**I'm in Washington DC on SB Nation business this week. I should return home Thursday night, and the minor league season begins in earnest this weekend. Stay tuned, we have some really cool stuff coming up for you this year. You may have noticed a more aggressive posting schedule, going from one a day to three or four. That will definitely continue, but is just a foretaste.

**I want to wrap up the Community Projection Project on Friday, so please get your entries in for Brian Matusz, Austin Jackson, and Stephen Strasburg. They are off the front page now, so here are links to the Matusz Projection Thread and the Jackson Projection Thread.

**Here are my predictions for 2010. Feel free to post yours in the comment thread. My major league predictions are never right, but they are fun to do.

AL EAST: Boston Red Sox
AL CENTRAL: Detroit Tigers (Twins and White Sox finished tied for second, one game behind)
AL WEST: Texas Rangers
WILD CARD: New York Yankees
POSITIVE SURPRISE TEAM: Oakland is in first place on June 30th, but fades down the stretch as the Rangers pick up steam.
NEGATIVE SURPRISE TEAM: Twins struggle in the first half, rally but fall short.
AL MVP: Alex Rodriguez
AL CY: Justin Verlander leads league in wins, ERA, and strikeouts.
AL ROY: Brian Matusz

NL EAST: Atlanta Braves
NL CENTRAL: St. Louis Cardinals
NL WEST: Los Angeles Dodgers
WILD CARD: Philadelphia Phillies (finish one game behind Braves)
POSITIVE SURPRISE TEAM: San Diego Padres finish second behind Dodgers in a tightly-bunched division
NEGATIVE SURPRISE TEAM: Giants finish in last place
PLAYOFF WINNER: Atlanta Braves. No one figures out exactly how they do it.  They somehow win 94 games but with a Pythagorean W/L of 86-76.
NL MVP: Albert Pujols
NL CY: Adam Wainwright
NL ROY: Jason Heyward

WORLD SERIES: Red Sox crush the Braves, four games to one.