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Minor League Ball Fantasy League Weekly Update

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Minor League Ball Fantasy League Update

We are one week into the season, and the Free State Liberators of the Minor League Ball Fantasy League are off to a slow start, ninth place in the 12-team Bob Feller Division. You can find the standings and follow the league here.

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As for the Liberators, it is way too soon to panic. Matt Holiday, Paul Konerko, and Kosuke Fukodome are off to good starts, but the rest of the hitting attack has been mediocre or worse. I'm not especially concerned about it yet.

Pitching has been better; my starting rotation of Josh Beckett, Zach Duke, Tim Hudson, Randy Wells, and Matt Cain was effective the first week, with Beckett's opening day start the only real negative. The bullpen has been weaker, with just a single save from Chad Qualls, only one hold, and shaky performances from Darren Oliver and Brandon Medders mucking with the ratio categories. Again, considering the sample sizes, I'm not going to sweat things yet. I have depth in starters, with Jamie Moyer on reserve and Dice-K back from the DL soon. I'm set with starters and could look to trade off some excess if the hitting attack remains weak.

League member Boomer, owner of the Velvet Fog, has sent along this update which I hope to make a weekly feature.


Now, for my totally biased & subjective thoughts on the league..

TEAM OF THE WEEK: Crumpton Roches - Jesse Roche
First off, I gotta talk about the image that Jesse's team name evokes for me... I got Dre, 'Cube, Ren & Eazy all dressed in brown (?) all vigorously looking for any sort of illegal substance to ingest in a bizarro North Central L.A.... Straight Outta Crumpton! Any sort of review of the Roches can be summed up very quickly: Jesse's team is so good, he's got Asdrubal Cabrera on the bench...

HITTER OF THE WEEK: Nellie Cruz - The Boomers (?!?!?)
Nellie beats out the Mighty Pujols by having exactly 2 more doubles than Albear.. Secondary Average, y'all! It matters! Nelson Cruz is a pretty good representation of my favorite type of baseball player: The Late Bloomer. Here are the guys that Nelson Cruz has been traded for over his 13 years in pro baseball: Jorge Valandia, Keith Ginter, Lance Nix, Kevin Mench, Julian Cordero & Francisco Cordero (ok, he's pretty good)...

PITCHER OF THE WEEK: Roy Halladay - The Sloweys
I'm shocked. Actually what is kinda shocking is the fourth best pitcher in our league right now is... LaTroy Hawkins, whom I will always love since Cub fans hate him. An enemy of my enemy is certainly a friend to me..

THE BUMS WILL ALWAYS LOSE, LEBOWSKI! - Defenders of Zordon & Veni Vidi Vici (tie)
Both teams have yet to play with a legal roster.... What's the over/under on these guys ever having a legal roster? Zack Greinke & Marky Mark Reynolds are begging to be used! Hey.. wait a minute.. I noticed that Milton Bradley is on the Zordon roster... Could he have...something to do with...?

BUM HITTER: Brandon Wood - Red Sox Faithful
1 hit... a single.. in 19 AB's.... We're still waiting, Brandon...

BUM PITCHER: Daniel McCutchen - Free State Liberators
As Chris Snyder, McCutchen's own personal Lex Luthor, said after takin' one of the cup a few years ago, "Ouch."  (Editor's note, I own McCutchen but he wasn't activated) is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation baseball communities. This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts related to the Fantasy Baseball Commissioner League.