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Time for another suggestion thread. What kind of stuff would you like to see in the coming weeks? I'm open to just about any ideas.

We will be doing more All Questions Answered threads since those get a strong response. I'll also be doing Morning Notes most days discussing Minor League news. I'm always up for Not a Rookies/Prospect Retros (although if doing a suggestion, please use the "search" function to see if I've already done one on your guy). I am thinking of reviving the Crystal Ball feature, which some people love and some people hate. I'm starting to turn some attention to the draft and will have some stuff about that soon.

Known Schedule

Sunday: Prospect Retro: Heath Bell
Monday: Fantasy League Update; Interview with Josh Boyd of the Texas Rangers
Tuesday: Not a Rookie: Ryan Braun
Wednesday: Rookie Profile: Tyson Ross; Prospect Retro: Ryan Zimmerman 
Thursday: Prospect Retro: Zach Duke; Edwin Jackson Crystal Ball
Friday: All Questions Answered Thread
Saturday: Not a Rookie: Mark Lowe
Sunday: Chris Johnson and Tommy Manzella

There will be Morning Notes (which will start including something like a hot/cold list) and some draft notes worked in there. I'm shooting for three or four posts a day.