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Travis Snider Community Projection Results

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Travis Snider Community Projection Results:

We only had 16 entries for this, which surprised me. I thought he was an interesting candidate and one requested by several people. So far only four people have put entries into the David Price Projection, and we need a lot more than that for the project to be worthwhile.

The Travis Snider results:

143 games, 530 at-bats, 73 runs, 144 hits, 28 doubles, 1 triple, 21 homers, 57 walks, 123 strikeouts, 3 steals, 2 caught stealing, slash line .272/.348/.450 with five HBP.


Community Projection:   .272/.348/.450, .798 OPS, 21 homers, 530 at-bats.
Bill James Projection:     .275/.357/.493, .850 OPS,  26 homers, 527 at-bats
CHONE Projection:        .260/.338/.458, .796 OPS, 19 homers, 415 at-bats
Marcel Projection:          .270/.346/.447, .793 OPS, 11 homers, 304 at-bats
Fangraphs Community:   .272/.349/.463, .812 OPS, 20 homers, 475 at-bats
ZIPS Projection:              .240/.332/.452, .784 OPS, 22 homers, 429 at-bats

As usual, James is the most optimistic. Our community projection is about in the middle and seems reasonable to me, though I don't know if Snider will get quite that much playing time.