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BPB2010 PDF Now for Sale! From JERI

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Hello, Happy Readers!

You asked, We heard, We listened!

Here is the PDF file of the BPB2010.

Click HERE to order your copy.

The file will be sent as an email attachment, so please add to your address book.

Make sure you give us a valid email.  Do this through the Paypal order screen, there is a spot.

Make sure you are ordering the item you want.  NO REFUNDS after the file has been sent, even if you ordered the wrong year!


    • A purchase of the PDF is intended to be ONE copy. 
    • Giving the book to friends is the same as John coming to your office and telling you to work for the next few hours for free.  You would not do it, and neither should he.
    • This book is not intended for online publishing. Please respect that this is our business, our livelihood, our bread and butter.
    • We know that we have no control over what you do with the file after we send it.  We are trusting that the honor system is alive and well.
      One last thing...I'm sorry but we can't offer a discount for the PDF if you already purchased the book.  This would be a logistical nightmare for us, and more importantly, they are two seperate products, like the paper and audio versions of the lastest James Patterson thriller (I wish we were at that scale!)
      Thanks!   JERI