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JERI's BIG, HUGE Question O the Day

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Hello, Happy Bloggers! John's away, so that means that this blog is MINE! ALL MINE!! 

This is bound to be a busy, hectic few days here, what with kids on spring break and dogs from Hell. However, I have a few things in mind to talk about, including some beefcake for the ladies (and whomever!). 

For now, though, here's something I've been pondering, concerning newly built stadiums: 

It seems that the major league stadiums that are being rebuilt are featuring some snazzy options: Everything from a super-rich guy club to playgrounds for the kiddies.

Once, a million years ago, John and I were gifted an outing to the rich guy club at Royals stadium.  And yes, it was EVERYTHING you would hope for, plus so much more!

At any rate, what kind of attractions have you seen at a newer park that you really thought, 'yeah, this enhances the experience' or 'WHAT?  This is an odd thing to have at a baseball stadium!" 

Conversely, what has gone away from the stadiums that you feel really belongs at a game?  The last time I went to a game, there was no where to get popcorn.  That struck me as odd...I know peanuts are the salty treat of choice for most fans, but it really amazed me that there was no popcorn love.

I can't remember where we were, but one game John and I attended featured a hottub overlooking right field where fans could take in the game surrounded by the bubbling, used bath water of other fans.  It was some kind of marketing gimmick, but to this day i think, "HUH?"

So...what are the changes you are seeing at ballparks that don't really fit?  Or that you really like!