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Minor League Ball Fantasy League Update

New, 8 comments Fantasy League Update for Minor League Ball

Moving forward with this project. Note to owners after the jump:

ATTN: SteveHoffmanSlowey. You need to check in with me. Email me at If you don't check in with me by Saturday, I will give your team to one of the atternate owners. Time is short.

 Some points to remember:   24 teams, two divisions of 12 teams each. Division assignments will be done randomly.   The draft will be done by automatic draft on the 20th (that deadline can be pushed back if necessary). Once we get everything set up with, you will need to log-in and fill out your player ranking forms so that the computer knows who to draft for your team.  

I'm still working on scoring categories. I'd like to make some of the scoring unique. For hitters, I'm going with batting average, OBP, RBI, SB-CS, SLG. allows you to do custom categories, so right now I'm planning on doing Secondary Average. That's six categories. I would love to have a seventh category that would give some value to defense, but i'm not sure what I should pick. Assists maybe?

If we can't figure out a defensive stat that would be ok, I think having another counting category would be a good plan, maybe something traditional like homers, though I'm open to suggestions.  Minimum at-bat requirement for the end of the season is currently set at 3000 but that can be changed too.  

For pitchers, right now I'm looking at seven categories: ERA, Strikeouts, Saves, Wins, WHIP, Holds (to provide value for middle relievers), and FIP as a custom category. Minimum inning requirement for the end of the season is currently set at 900, but that can be changed.  

The stat categories are NOT final and I am open to suggestions. One of the things with the League is that you can invent your own statistical custom categories. The options are almost limitless.

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