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Zack Greinke Trade Reaction

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My quick reaction to the Greinke trade: without knowing exactly what else was on the table, I'd say the Royals did OK but not great.

Alcides Escobar: Good glove, can't hit right now, might hit a bit in the future, more long-term value than Betancourt.
Lorenzo Cain: Good glove, fast, athletic, offensive track record is mixed. I've always kind of liked him, C+/B- type prospect.
Jake Odorizzi: i love him. I haven't gotten to the Brewers yet on my prospect lists but he was going to get a B+.
Jeremy Jeffress: Love the arm strength, command is questionable, I think he can be a great closer...If he throws enough strikes. I'm not worried about the drug angle. Grade B prospect.

So the Royals get a B+ pitching prospect, a B-with-huge-upside pitching prospect, a C+/B- outfielder, and a shortstop who isn't great but is at least younger than the guy he's replacing, in exchange for a guy one year removed from winning the Cy Young Award. It's OK.

When i get to the Brewers system, I'll have to redo the Royals list too.