MLB 2012 Draft - High School - Right Handed Starters

This is my list ranking my favourite right-handed high school pitchers eligible for the 2012 draft. I do not take credit for having written all of these scouting reports. Most are composite sketches drawn from a number of sources, notably;, Perfect Game, Baseball America (Connor Glassey, et al), Baseball Factory, Under Armour, minorleagueball (John Sickels and Matt Garrioch), mlbdraftguide (shout out to Matt Grabusky), BullpenBanter, BaseballDraftReport, various college, high school, and JUCO websites, while the videos are taken from baseball instinct, prospect portal,, youtube (special thanks to Fidog91), and vimeo (PerfectGameHighSchool). My apologies if I forgot to cite you're contribution, I will will edit the credits as it occurs to me. Keep in mind that these are my subjective rankings, so like an umpire's interpretation of the strikezone, allow for an acceptable amount of human error. Thank you.

1) Lucas Giolito, RHP, 6’6 230lbs, CA, HS: Tall filled out pitcher with present strength. Throws real heavy fastball that sits 94-95, and touches 97 with exploding late life. Has a tight hammer curveball with a good deal of bite and shows flashes of plus potential. Throws a circle change that shows well at this stage of development. Potential Josh Johnson type. Injury might keep him from going first over all. VIDEO

2) Lance McCullers Jr., RHP, 6’1 205lbs, FL, HS: An athletic two-way player, McCullers’ fastball is a plus-plus pitch in the mid 90's with late, boring action, touching 99mph. He compliments that with a plus power curveball that could become plus-plus in time. Whether he ends up as a frontline starter or a dominant closer depends on the development of his change-up. Right now it’s an average offering but it has plus potential. His command is a little shaky now but it shouldn't be a problem moving forward. McCullers has good bloodlines as his father pitched seven seasons in the Majors.VIDEO

3) Walker Weickel, RHP, 6’6 205lbs, FL, HS: Big, projectable power pitcher. Easy arm action. Fastball 91-94, should sit consistently in mid 90s with strength gains. Mostly straight but outstanding plane, works fastball to both corners and stays low in the zone, very steady velocity, very difficult pitch to lift. Workable 12-6 curve that has depth but lacks crispness. Changeup needs some refinement, but there is foundation in the offering. VIDEO

4) Lucas Sims, RHP, 6’2 195lbs, GA, HS: Low to mid 90s righty can ramp it up to 97mph. Good athlete with a clean delivery. Curveball best pitch, commands it well with big shape, sharp biting action, and the same release point as fastball. Good straight change with sinking action. Lots of confidence in change and throws plenty of them but its’ his 3rd best pitch. Potential number two starter with plus mound presence and aggressiveness. VIDEO

5) Duane Underwood, RHP, 6’2 205, GA, HS: Big athletic pitcher with elite arm strength. Fastball already sits 93-95, even deep into starts, touching 98. Underwood has outstanding mound presence, and the potential for at least three average to above average pitches. His secondary offerings aren't as good at present, but when he throws them right, his curve can have a very good 12-to-6 break and his changeup can be very deceptive. Does display a bit of effort on the hill, leading some to see a power relief pitcher, but it will be the development of his other pitches which will determine that. VIDEO

6) Mitchell Traver, RHP, 6’7 220lbs, TX, HS: A big frame and solid build that with added strength should raise his game a notch. Very limited compact delivery with some minor wrinkles that will need to be ironed out as he matures, but sound foundation at the present moment. A real heavy fastball that sits 89-92 mph. The slider has some serious potential and at its best has tight lateral drop that could be tough to adjust for hitters. He has a decent change up that he will need to throw more often to increase its effectiveness, but shows a solid three pitch arsenal.


7) Cody Poteet, RHP, 6’1 180lbs, CA, HS: Athletic righty with three-pitch mix. His fastball sits in the low 90s, touching 96, while two-seamer that has some good sink and should be a ground-ball producer. Poteet’s curve is a potential plus offering, a tight downer breaking ball he can throw for strikes. His circle change should be an above-average offering as well. He throws it with a lot of deception and it dives late. He commands all his pitches well and keeps the ball down in the zone consistently. He has a chance to be a number 2 or 3 starter and will only be 17 at the draft.


8) Clate Schmidt, RHP, 6’2 180, GA, HS: Schmidt might not be the biggest guy in the world, but he makes up for it with plenty of arm strength and excellent athleticism, a la Mike Mussina. Has a bit of whip action in his delivery, but it does not seem max effort. He has a good feel for pitching at this stage and shows solid command. He displays an exploding fastball that mainly sits 93-94, but can touch 96 mph. Curveball has a great deal of bite and drop off ability. He doesn't have a changeup to speak of yet, but his aptitude gives many, confidence that a third pitch can be developed in time. VIDEO

9) Ty Hensley, RHP, 6’5 220lbs, OK, HS: Big strong power pitcher. Hides the ball well with good deception in delivery. A bit of stress on the front shoulder mechanically. Powerful, hard fastball mostly 93-94 mph, but has hit 95 mph. Fastball straight, but with good downhill angle. Hard and sharp curveball bite, big downer depth at times, not consistent with curveball release. VIDEO

10) Ty Buttery, RHP, 6’6 210lbs, NC, HS: Long limbed projectable build, plenty of room to add strength. Fastball to 90-93 mph (touches 94) with low effort release, velocity comes easy, fastball mostly straight now and will need to add movement. Curveball is big and hard with nice spin and sharp bite, potential plus pitch. Shows good feel for change up, nice arm speed and some late sink. Three solid present pitches and projects in all areas, has improved fastball velocity 5 mph in the last year.

11) Taylore Cherry, RHP, 6’9 260lbs, OH, HS: A giant of a pitcher, with surprisingly smooth mechanics. Low-effort delivery, throws under control. 4-seam fastball at 94 mph whenever he wants it. Sinks fastball at 91-92 with hard late heavy life. Outstanding arm speed and hard sink on changeup, a plus present pitch. Can pitch right now with fastball/changeup, life and location. Fair curveball spin, occasional flatter slider shape, more often big sweeping break. With his body type -- think Jon Rauch -- Cherry might have to work a little harder to stay in shape. Assuming he can do that, his combination of arm strength, durability and pitchability could add up to a frontline starting pitcher.


12) Carson Fullmer, RHP, 6’1 185, FL, HS: Strong armed righty. Throws low 90s fastball with life, touching 96. Delivery shows effort, but great stuff and command. Shows a very projectable slider. Tight and quick, with good bite, especially down in the zone. It's an out pitch for him at times. Fulmer does have a changeup which can be deceptive when he keeps it down, it has nice sink/fade. Pitches to spots and has an idea how to mix it up. Some scouts to see him as a future reliever, but that can be decided later, of course. VIDEO

13) Freddy Avis, RHP, 6-2, 180 lbs, CA, HS: Impressive arm strength sitting at 92-93 mph from a loose over the top arm action and low effort delivery, tops out at 94. Projectable. His curveball is among the better breaking pitches in the class. His changeup at 84 mph is inconsistent but a pretty quality pitch when on. He isn't being discussed much because his commitment to Stanford is considered extremely strong.VIDEO

14) Teddy Stankiewicz, RHP, 6’4 190lbs, TX, HS: Big righty who can reach low 90's with more to come. Projectable. Very consistent in his velocity and mechanics, generally sitting at 90 mph, touches 95, with a quick arm and good downhill angle. Fastball flashes plus sink and bore at times. Much improved slider puts him in the top class. Nice 80 mph change up. Very good pick off move for a righty, quick feet. Continued development of slider key to development.VIDEO

15) Ryan McNeil, RHP, 6’3 210lbs, CA, HS: Big well proportioned athletic build, good present strength. Quality overall stuff, 90-93 heavy fastball, with plus sink at times. Upper 70's curveball with big sweeping shape, sharp and tight at times but often inconsistent. Beginning to develop feel for change up. Has an idea how to pitch and throws consistent strikes, big league body, stuff and approach. VIDEO

16) Ryan Burr, RHP, 6’4 215lbs, CO, HS: Strong, athletic and projectable. Burr's fastball is steady 91-93 and he has the potential to have a bit more in the tank. Ball gets on hitters quickly, produces consistent late swings, has deception. Big deep curveball with sharp 11-5 bite, potential plus pitch, rare change up that still needs developing. He tends to throw strikes and can work his fastball to both sides of the plate. He gets high marks for his intensity and mound presence. Resembles Astros Brett Myers at same age. VIDEO

17) Zach Eflin, RHP, 6’5 200lbs, FLA, HS: Smooth RHP with 93 mph fastball. Tall angular build, projects to get stronger. Nice change up with arm speed, deception and late life, hand position curveball with short consistent break, tends to change release point on curveball. Throws strikes and has an idea how to pitch.VIDEO

18) Kevin McCanna, RHP, 6’1 185lbs, TX, HS: McCanna is relatively new to pitching, having primarily been a catcher until last year, but that doesn't show in his delivery or stuff. McCanna’s fastball sits 90-92, touching 94mph. He throws free and has command of 3 pitches, including an outstanding 84 mph change up and a hard spinning 75 mph curveball. Not only is he able to locate his fastball well, but his ability to mix his three-pitch arsenal, and throw them for strikes, allows him to carve up hitters.

19) R.I.P Stephen Gant - 4/4/12 - 19-years-old

RHP, 6’1 175, TN, HS: A Vanderbilt commit, Gant’s fastball usually sits 88-90, but has been reported as high as 93. He has a clean effortless arm action and maintains his velocity well. Mixes in a promising low 70s curveball as well.

20) Daniel Stalwart, RHP, 6’3 200, CA, HS: Missed most of the summer with a stress fracture in his lower back, but when he's healthy, he's a stud on the mound. He has an athletic build with wide shoulders and premium stuff, including a fastball in the 91-95 mph range and a 78-80 mph hammer curveball with tight rotation and late break. Strong commitment to Stanford. Stalwart won't turn 18 until February, 2013. VIDEO

21) Edwin Diaz, RHP, 6’3 175, Naguabo, PR: Very projectable RHP, smooth easy arm action. Dominant fastball, sits 91-93 mph, with a peak of 94, very good run down in the zone, could throw harder with added strength. Occasional problems getting fastball to the glove side. Good feel for change up, maintains arm speed well. Tight spin on curveball, proper shape and velocity, but needs refinement and consistency.VIDEO

22) Shane Watson RHP, 6’4 195lbs, CA, HS: Very projectable delivery/arm. Fastball 90-93mph from over the top release. Hard spinning power curve at 77mph. Some effort, but ball comes out easy. Great leverage, good projection, more velocity to come. VIDEO

23) Carson Kelly, RHP, 6’2 200lbs, OR, HS: Talented two way player. Also plays third base. While he has some power potential as a hitter, it's his arm that will get him drafted. Kelly uses a clean and easy delivery to throw fastballs in the 89-92 mph range. He also throws a curve, which is sharp and tight at times. He throws both pitches for strikes and is very even-keeled on the mound. VIDEO

24) Chase DeJong, RHP, 6’5 190lbs, CA, HS: Loose easy arm, fastball sits 88-90 with a peak of 91. Projects for more velocity in the future. DeJong throws from an over the top release point, and gets very good downhill angle. Possesses a plus curve and change right now, and can really pitch. Resembles Adam Wainright in his mechanics and arm action. Dominates hitters at the high school level. VIDEO

25) David Gonzales, RHP, 6’1 210, GA, HS: Medium frame, good present strength. Steady low 90's fastball, tops out at 92 mph, with late life; cuts at times, sinks/runs at others. Sharp spin on both curveball and slider, two separate pitches, both pitches bite with tilt. Slider is a potential plus pitch. Developing feel for a change up. Very impressive arm strength and ability to spin the ball.

26) Jose Orlando Berrios, RHP, 6’1 187, Bayamon, PR: Medium athletic build with room to get a bit stronger. Very quick arm. Power fastball, lots of 93's, consistent velocity, some running action down. Goes right after hitters with three quality pitches. Throws two breaking balls, a 79 mph slurve, that tends to flatten out, also throws a big breaking slow curve at 70 mph with downer shape. Flashes plus change action. Change has big arm side run at 79. Strike thrower with ability to change speeds and move the ball both ways.VIDEO

27) Jeremy Kivel, RHP, 6’2 200, TX, HS: Unheralded pitching prospect. Power pitcher with steady 93-94mph fastball up to 96 with more in the tank. Very good off-speed pitches; a power curveball with good bite and a solid changeup. Kivel's ability to throw his nasty hook for strikes makes him extremely difficult to hit.

28) Alec Rash, RHP, 6’5 190, IA, HS: Projectable pitcher with room to fill out. Fastball consistently around 90, topping out at 94 with arm side run. Good deception and arm speed on 80 mph curveball with hard slurvy break. Ability to consistently throw strikes with both pitches. The scary thing with Rash is that there is possibly more MPH in his arm

29) Kayden Porter, 6’5 235, TX, HS: Big Texan with great deal of projection. Steady low 90's fastball, mostly straight but works downhill, up to 95 already. Works backwards and throws mostly off speed stuff early. Good split finger change with tumble, occasionally has slider type break on split, soft curveball, flashes bite but tends to slow arm speed. Also plays outfield and first base. Intimidating size and strength. Some see him as a future reliever. VIDEO

30) Walker Buehler, RHP, 6’2 160lbs, KY, HS: Vanderbilt commit, throws a consistent Low 90's fastball, topping out at 92 with good movement and downhill plane. Slender build with lots of room for projection. Nasty upper 70's curveball, plus-plus sharpness and bite, big downer shape, excellent curveball command despite size and shape. Gets ahead with fastball, closes out with curveball and completely overmatches hitters. Strong comparison to former Pirates #1 draft pick, Bobby Bradley.

31) Connor Baits, RHP, 6’5 220, CA, HS: Projectable righty. Strong physical build with room to grow. Steady 89-91 mph fastball, maintains velocity from the stretch, fastball mostly straight, can reach 94mph at times. Change best secondary pitch, good arm speed and uses confidently. VIDEO

32) Cameron Tekker, RHP, 6’3 185, NC, HS: Nice pitcher's frame with good strength potential. Athletic. Some effort on release. Consistent 90-91 mph fastball, touches 93 with flat running action. Flashes three off-speed pitches. Throws both a curveball and changeup. Curveball shows good depth with hard spin and bite, softer slider spin with occasional depth, tends to slow a bit on change but it gets good life.

33) Jake Thompson, RHP, 6’4 235lbs, TX, HS: Big strong two-way prospect, very good present strength. Fastball 88-90 with good running action, up to 93 mph. Slurve type breaking ball has hard spin/sharp bite, will occasionally drop under curve for big sweeping slider effect, best pitch. Advanced change up for age, maintains arm speed, good fade. Good idea how to pitch, 3 legit pitches, goes after hitters. VIDEO

34) Nick Travieso, RHP, 6’3 210lbs, FL, HS: Built like a prototypical MLB starting pitcher, solid height and frame with the ability to pack on some pounds in the future. A real blank slate at this point; he is a guy tied to arm strength and fast arm action. Has a nice heavy fastball that will ride up to 95 mph and sits mainly in the 92-93 mph range. He impresses with a strong assortment of pitches. There is some effort in his delivery, but the Miami commit shows a good feel for pitching and a willingness to throw his changeup. With his bulldog mentality and willingness to live on the inner half of the plate, some think he might be a reliever down the road, but he has time. VIDEO

35) Karl Keglovits, RHP, 6’5 220LBS, PA, HS: Keglovits is a big, strong righty who throws a 4-seam fastball in the 91-92 range, to go with an 87-88 mph 2-seamer. He throws on a downhill plane and has showed feel for a 75 mph curveball that he uses to keep hitters off balance, as well as a changeup. VIDEO

36) Tyler Gonzales, RHP, 6’2 180, TX, HS: Gonzales is a very interesting two way prospect. Good athletic build, projectable. Throws a low 90s fastball 90-92, and with a very sharp slider, that is considered one of the better out pitches in the class. VIDEO

37) Trey Killian, RHP, 6’4 180, AR, HS: Fast and loose arm that projects. Killian's delivery is pretty rough in places but nothing that isn't correctable. His fastball sits 89-92mph and hitters don’t seem to see it very well. Very few pitchers at this level are able to throw both a curveball and a true slider that are distinct and different pitches with different shapes and velocity—Killian definitely can. He throws a 73-75 mph curveball that has depth and 2 plane shape and an 80-82 mph slider that sharply dives away from right handed hitters. Shows ability to turn over his change at 79 with late sink as well. VIDEO

38) Jamie Callahan, RHP, 6’2 190, SC, HS: Well proportioned athletic build. Steady low 90's fastball, tops out at 92 mph, fastball tends to be very straight at present. Big downer curveball with good bite at times, very nice change up with arm speed and consistent release point. Three solid pitches, throws K's to spots, needs to develop some fastball movement.VIDEO

39) Trevor Megill, RHP, 6’7 230lbs, CA, HS: Big body, dominant stuff. Megill has an excellent pitchers build, long limbs, ball gets on hitters fast, projects well, more velocity in there. Ultra smooth arm action, pitches at 91-93 mph, 79 breaking ball with tight slider like shape, good change up. Velocity spike after throwing just 85-87 last year. VIDEO

40) Zachary Quintana, RHP, 6’0 180lbs, NV, HS: Short right hander with very quick, smooth arm, consistent 92-93mph fastball. His breaking ball is a 79 mph slurve that could use some tightening up. Good feel for change, with nice sink. Three solid pitches. Manages to keep all three under control and put them where he wants them thanks to his advanced feel for each. VIDEO

41) Joseph Tony Blanford, RHP, 6’3 180lbs, AZ, HS: Tall, very projectable right-hander. Athletic, two-way player also plays outfield. Future seems to be on mound. One of the best power arms in the state of Arizona, Blanford displays easy velocity from a low effort delivery, pumping in fastballs in the low 90s with possibly more in the tank. Blanford also mixes in a 75mph, 10-4 curveball with a lot of potential which is very good when he's on. Consistently throws strikes and gets ahead in the count. VIDEO

42) Tucker Simpson, RHP, 6’7 220, AL, HS: Big strong RHP who can really pitch. Long limbed large frame, good strength with plenty of room for more. Easy low 90s fastball, up to 94, mostly straight, works middle out with fastball. Firmer velocity with strength gains. Shortens arm on curveball, throws lots of curveballs early in the count, rare change up. VIDEO

43) Erich Knab, RHP, 6’3 190, SC, HS: Can reach the low 90s (93-94), with more in the tank. He is a long projectable righty with a smooth arm action and a balanced delivery. He also throws a 78 mph curveball.


44) Robert Whalen, RHP, 6’2 200, FL, HS: Solid athletic build, good present strength. Fastball to 91 mph, cuts fastball very effectively at times, up to 93. Flashes hard curveball spin and bite, will drop release point on curve at times and get under it, nice feel for change up as well. Inconsistent mechanics but flashes some very nice pitches. One of the most underrated pitching prospects in the 2012 class.

45) Mitchell Aker, RHP , 6’2 180lbs, VA, HS: Lean athletic build, body projects to fill out well. Huge arm strength in the field, athletic. Long and loose arm action, very live arm, fastball up to 92, with good armside run and sink. Feel for 11-5 curveball, high upside on the mound. VIDEO

46) Michael Taylor, RHP, 6’6 190, VA, HS: Big projectable frame. Fastball sits 90-92 topping out at 94mph. Sound mechanics. He shows a smooth, easy delivery with good arm action and feel for a 74 mph curveball and 84 mph changeup. Taylor has solid control of both sides of the plate, and displays good mound presence.

47) Grayson Long, RHP, 6’6 205lbs, TX, HS: Tall angular build with lots of room to add strength. Easy balanced delivery, long smooth arm action. Fastball to 91-93mph, mostly straight but with good downhill plane. Potential plus change up, 80mph, good arm speed, some late sink. Tends to slow arm on soft spinning 77 mph slider, lacks power. Fastball, change up and command all project to potential plus, development of a workable breaking ball will be key.

48) Nolan Gannon, RHP, 6’5 195, CA, HS: Very projectable right hander. Fastball regularly 87-89mph, and as high as 92, with more in the tank. Good downhill plane and arm side run on his fastball. Gannon throws his curve ball at 71-75, and it’s an absolute hammer. He also throws a deceptive change up with sink and arm side run at 81. He throws all 3 pitches for strikes and shows feel for them. Solid pitchability. VIDEO

49) Patrick Delano, RHP, 6-7, 250, MA, HS: 92-94mph fastball, devastating curveball at times. Vanderbilt commit. Delano is a big right hander from one of the top schools in Massachusetts. He has a strong, sturdy frame with good present velocity.

50) Marcus Brakeman, RHP, 6’1 180, FL, HS: Well proportioned athletic build, projects with some added strength. Steady 90-91 mph fastball with occasional run and sink, maintains arm speed well on change up with same good sinking life as fastball. Big sweeping curveball at 73 mph, good spin, doesn’t command curve well yet, will have to tighten it up at the next level. Three solid pitches.

51) Felipe Perez, RHP, 6’3 200lbs, CA, HS: Very projectable frame and a loose, fast arm that works really well out front. Smooth easy arm action. Fastball at 90-92 with a sharp curve at 76 mph. Should add more velocity as he gets stronger. VIDEO

52) Curt Britt, RHP, 6’2 210, NC, HS: Britt is a big strong RHP. Throws low 90's with good life, touching 92. Locates fastball well, fastball has life, clean easy arm action, throws downhill, good change up that he shows confidence in.


53) Jared Price, RHP, 6’2 190, PA, HS: Price sits in the low 90s with his fastball, touching 93, and also showcases a very good breaking pitch, a 75-78 mph curveball with hard downer spin. VIDEO

54) Hayden Hurst, RHP, 6’5 235, FL, HS: Big strong right-handed pitcher with lively 91-93 mph fastball. Throws a heavy fastball diet at this stage, but works it around and will pound down in the strike zone. Just recently returned from TJ surgery. VIDEO

55) Riley Farrell, RHP, 6’2 195, TX, HS: Slender upper half, strong lower half, good pitcher's build with some strength projection. Fastball 90-93 with very good life. Very nice change up he could throw more often, short twisty slider with inconsistent release point, flashes sharp biting action. Works fast and competes.

56) Alex Lavendaro, RHP, 6’3 175, FL, HS: Projectable righty. Steady 89-91 mph fastball, good downhill angle, more velocity to come with minor adjustments to back side. Clean loose arm action, 2 seam fastball has nice arm side run. Hard downer curveball, good spin when on top, tends to drop release point and get big softer sweep, nice fade and arm speed on change up. Throws strikes and has an idea.

57) Justin Alleman, RHP/3B, 6’3 195, MI, HS: Good athlete. Easy low 90s fastball, up to 92 with some projection. Maintains velocity well. Fastball mostly straight, with flat running action. Power curveball sharp at times, good spin and 2 plane downer shape, solid second pitch. Rare change up, should throw more, shows good arm speed and movement.

58) Jake Fossick, RHP, 6'1 170, FL, HS: Slender athletic build. Full Hideo Nomo style delivery, slow paced back turn pivot, stays balanced and repeats very well, bit cross body on landing, picks up plate late without negative effect. Steady 89-91 mph fastball, very deceptive, generates bad swings. Mid 70's curveball, flashes tight spin and bite, tends to get on side of curveball and overthrow. Has the arm, deception, pitchability and projection.

59) Zachary Jemiola, RHP, 6’3 200, CA, HS: Shows good stuff—an 89-91 mph fastball that tops out at 93 and a 76-77 mph curveball with good depth. Jemiola also throws a changeup and an occasional splitter.VIDEO

60) Gabriel Cramer, RHP, 6’2 190, CA, HS: Nice build with some present strength and projection. Cramer has a chance to have plus stuff. Upper 80's fastball, touches 92 mph, but mostly straight. True slider with good shape and tilt, sharp biting action at times, tends to slow on change up release. Throws strikes and has an idea how to pitch. His strikeout stats last year were ridiculous.

61) Tim Holmes, RHP, 6’2 200, FL, HS: A guy that was on the radar, but is now squarely on the map. He throws in the 88-90 mph range and will touch 91 mph on occasion late into an outing. Good fade on change, good shape on curve, has chance to be plus pitch. Shows the foundation for at least a three pitch arsenal. VIDEO

62) Kyle Funkhouser, RHP, 6’2 195, IL, HS: Fastball up to 92 mph, occasional cutting action glove side, 2-seamer with good run to left handed hitters at 88 mph, fastball gets on hitters quickly due to deception in arm action. Proper velocity and shape to curveball, consistent spin but not hard biting. Change up a quality pitch, good arm speed and some late life. VIDEO

63) Justin Garza, RHP, 5-11, 160 lbs, CA, HS: Middle infielders’ build but throws 89-92 mph from an easy, well paced delivery and gets very good life on his fastball down in the zone. Touches 94mph. Hard sink on fastball. Changeup velocity and feel are good. Offspeed pitches are raw; slurvy curveball with 2-plane break, slider with solid break. Compares physically to former major leaguer Zach Davies. VIDEO

64) Brent Wheatley, RHP, 6’4 215, CA, HS: Bigger frame, good pitchers build, projectable body, good present strength. Fastball tops out at 88 mph, mostly straight. Slider best secondary pitch, flashes good tilt and biting action, tends to lower elbow on rolling 12/6 curveball, still developing feel for change up. Around the zone with all pitches.

65) Jonathan Sandfort, RHP, 6’5 220, FL, HS: Outstanding pitcher's build, strong with room to get stronger. Fastball to 92 mph, maintains velocity well, occasional arm side run. Very nice feel for change up, good arm speed and shows confidence in the pitch, soft curveball spin at present, needs more power in breaking ball, throws strikes and has an idea. Very athletic for his size.

66) Jesus Colon, RHP, 6’1 175, NJ, HS: Colon has as much potential as any pitcher in the 2012 class. Athletic, with a loose arm action, he repeats his delivery well and has good present velocity, sitting steadily at 91-92mph with his fastball. Fastball has little movement but he does a good job of throwing from a downhill angle, though there is some effort at release. Both secondary pitches show quality: a very good change up with arm speed and proper velocity, and a downer curve with big shape and sharp bite. Has the pitches and arm strength, needs refinement. Very athletic kid that projects.

67) Yency Almonte, RHP, 6’4 190, FL, HS: Tall projectable right hander. Arm works loose and easy out front. Balanced delivery. Throws fastball consistently at 88-90, touching 92. Flashes above average breaking ball at 80 mph with 11-5 shape and occasional depth. Also mixes in changeup at 78, thrown with near fastball arm speed - giving him a usable three pitch mix. VIDEO

68) Paul Blackburn, RHP, 6’2 180, CA, HS: Smallish right-handed pitcher throws 89-90, touching 92. Nastiest right handed curveball in the draft at 75 mph.

69) Zachary Bird, RHP, 6’4 188, MS, HS: Bird has a projectable power pitcher's body but also throws a surprising variety of pitches. His fastball normally sits in the 86-88 range, but has been up to 91 mph in the past and projects more velocity. 85 mph cutter is a very effective pitch for him. Throws a very good downer curve for strikes. Also flashes a nice slider with good tilt and bite and solid changeup, but mostly in warm-ups. Around the plate with most of his pitches, but doesn’t spot them well yet. Could have the whole basket of pitches and a feel for using them. VIDEO

70) Ralph Garza, RHP, 6’2 195, TX, HS: Solid mature build, good present strength. Two-way prospect. Sound turn and throw delivery, uses lower half well. Increased velocity. Fastball sitting 90 mph and touching 92 mph into the late innings. Fastball has good arm side run, stays low in zone, sharp bite on curveball, nice deep shape, has an idea how to pitch and throws strikes.

71) Jackson McClelland, RHP, 6’5 235, CA, HS: Relatively new to pitching, but has shown rapid improvement. At his best he pounds the bottom half of the strike zone with a heavy fastball at 94, but generally sits in the 88-92 range. The ball comes out easy and there is not much effort in his delivery. Lacks present feel for his secondary pitches, and is inconsistent with his command, but time is on his side. Won’t turn 18 until a month after the draft. VIDEO

72) Michael Rucker, RHP 6’0 180, WA, HS: Small righty with 91 mph fastball and plus-plus command. Nasty slider is out pitch. VIDEO

73) Damien Carroll, RHP, 6’3 180, VA, HS: Big projectable righty. Lanky, and athletic build, big frame with long arms. Also a forward on King George basketball team. Fastball sits 91-92 consistently, up to 95. Also throws a slider. Pretty much jumping on the scouting scene.

74) Jason Carmichael, RHP, 6’3 170, FL, HS: Tall lean build, loose actions. Slow paced delivery. Fastball up to 91 mph, occasional big hard diving action at the plate. Big sweeping curveball with good spin and bite. Gets same type of hard movement on change up as fastball, good arm. Around the plate with all pitches. Lots of physical projection left.

75) James Marvel, RHP, 6’3 185lbs, CA, HS: Slender athletic build, projects well physically. Lots of pitchability. Consistently 89-91 with more to come. Fastball, mostly straight, flashes tight curveball spin, short and sharp downer shape, but tends to slow arm. Nice change up with occasional hard sink. Can throw curve and change for strikes. Three quality pitches with more consistency and better command.

76) Mike Vinson, RHP, 6’4 205, FL, HS: Long lean pitcher's build, with lots of room to add strength. Upper 80's fastball, tops out at 92 mph, and mostly straight. Mid-70's curveball with short slider type break, flashes bite and depth when thrown right. Some feel for a straight change up. Lacks deception, good strong arm to work with, will have to tighten up breaking ball. VIDEO

77) Ben Eckels, RHP, 6’0 180lbs, CA, HS: Is a clone of pitcher, Paul Blackburn. Medium framed build, fastball at 89-90 mph, touches 92. Nasty curveball with depth and sharpness and is throws for strikes.

78) Kieran Lovegrove, RHP, 6’4 180lbs, CA, HS: Tall slender righty, body projects very well on the mound. Simple and consistent mechanics, repeats well. Live arm, easy arm action, downhill plane. 88-91 mph fastball with consistent late bore and sink. Tight slider, and very good fading action on changeup. Chance for four above average pitches. Throws strikes down in the zone, has an idea, no real upper level swing/miss pitch but will get tons of ground balls and compete.VIDEO

79) Ryan Koziol, RHP, 6’3 165, IL, HS: Slender frame, extremely projectable. Lots of room for growth both in terms of weight and height. Fastball has some nice late life and movement that typically is in the 91-92 mph range. He shows command and feel of 12-6 curveball with some drop off the table ability, depth. Flashes some feel for the change up. Shows a cutter with some tailing action. Good feel for pitching and already will throw any pitch in any count with no fear.

80) Josh Sborz, RHP, 6’2 200, VA, HS: Josh Sborz—brother to former Tigers righthander Jay—is a big strong pitcher with a fast arm. Fastball sits 90-92 with more velocity to come. The pitch has good present life, and he commands it well, attacking the strikezone. Good spin on 11-5 curveball, in the mid 70’s with depth and bite. Nice arm speed on change as well. Works quickly, and has a good idea of how to pitch. High level prospect on the mound. VIDEO

81) Brady Bramlett, RHP, 6-4, 220 lbs, TN, HS: Intimidating size and strength. Throws from an over the top slot release. Gets great extension in delivery adding deception to pitches, and making the fastball appear at least 2 mph faster. Generally sits at 91mph with heater, tops out at 92. Heavy fastball, pounds the bottom of the zone, and will produce plenty of groundballs. Twisty curveball tends to hang, better suited for a slider at next level. VIDEO

82) Calvin Matthews, RHP, 6’4 200lbs, IA, HS: Athletic, projectable body with room to fill out. Plus arm speed. Fastball; high 80s up to 89, more velocity in future. Over the top release. Sharp downhill angle, drives ball to the bottom of the strike zone. Works quickly and mixed pitches well. Hides the ball well, not much effort. Changeup is very good pitch with sink and good arm action at 82. Curveball with 11-5 break is another good off-speed pitch. Big potential. Could be 92-94 mph guy by June. Will not turn 17 until after draft. VIDEO

83) Michael Sheppard, RHP, 6’1 170lbs, NJ, HS: Throws steady 89-90 fastball down in the strikezone with sink, touching 92. Good sharpness to 77mph curve.

84) Taylor Jones, RHP/3B, 6’7 188, WA, HS: Tall, projectable right hander. Lean and athletic, with long loose arm action. Mid 80s fastball presently with little effort, and projects for more velocity as he adds strength to his wiry frame. Good arm side run on 2-seamer with command. Mixes three pitch arsenal well, good pitchability, knows what he's doing on the mound.

85) Mitchell Brown, RHP, 6’2 205, MN, HS: Athletic frame with lots of strength. High level pitching prospect. Fastball sits high 80s, but he can ramp it up to 93. Curveball has sharp 10-4 break and changeup at 78 has good run.

86) Kenny Koplove, RHP, 6’1 155, PA, HS: Fastball sitting at 90-91mph with it topping out at 91mph and his slider topping out at 74mph. Koplove has an arm that works well, is a bulldog on the mound, and has a heavy fastball. VIDEO

87) Corey Kafka, RHP, 6’1 195, GA, HS: Big physical build, very strong look. Cross body multi-piece delivery, some effort but very deceptive. Fastball 88 mph, has been up to 92 mph with good running and sinking life at times. Curveball has hard spin, short sweeping break, changeup gets nice late sink, quality pitch he should throw more. Three quality pitches, still fine tuning command and ability to repeat deceptive delivery. VIDEO

88) Tejay Antone, RHP, 6’4 205, TX, HS: Fastball tops out at 91 mph, very good changeup, although he will have to continue to work on tightening up his breaking ball.

89) Jonathan Olczak, RHP, 6’1 180, NC, HS: Olczak is a strong, athletic righty who projects well and shows outstanding arm speed. He throws from a cross body type of delivery and is consistently in the 88-89 mph range with his fastball, up to 92, with very good late life at times. His 12-6 curveball at 71 has late break, and his 80 mph changeup flashes potential.

90) Nicholas Grant, RHP, 6’2 200, R/R, DE, HS: Big thick physical build, good present strength. Upper 80's fastball, touches 90 mph frequently, with good life. Nice change up with good arm speed and some sinking action. Short breaking curveball with good shape and spin. Inconsistent command due to delivery issues but has three present pitches and the ability to improve. Around the plate with all pitches.

91) **************************************************************************************************************

92) Matthew Ferreira, RHP, 6’2 195, FL, HS: Compact rotational delivery, gets turned and uses his lower half well. Hides the ball, busy front leg adds deception. Upper 80's fastball, tops out at 89 mph, mostly straight. Nice change up, big early running action, maintains arm speed well. Tends to lower elbow/release on curveball, some downer depth, needs to keep release point up. Around the plate with all pitches, fine tuning command. Improvement of breaking ball key.

93) Corbin Olmstead, RHP/3B, 6’3 200, R/R, FL, HS: Big, strong athlete. Two-way prospect with higher pro ceiling on the mound. Steady 89-91 mph fastball, fairly straight and often in the middle of the plate. Primary fastball pitcher, very good raw arm strength, fastball to 92 mph, mostly straight. Needs to develop off speed: a soft sweeping slider, and occasional big curveball. VIDEO

94) Seth McGarry, RHP, 6’1 175, FL, HS: Slender athletic build with room to get stronger. Fastball in the upper 80’s, touches 90 on occasion, should see a slight uptick in velocity going forward. 2-seam fastball shows very good sink in the mid 80s. Throws a tight slider at 80 mph with good tilt. Curve is best pitch presently; hammer with hard, late biting action, very good command of curveball, strikeout pitch. Still developing feel for his changeup but it has potential as well, with good movement and arm speed. Has an idea how to pitch and mix it up, can come with any pitch.

95) Jose Mesa Jr., RHP, 6’4 220, FL, HS: Big strong physical build, same build as his dad. Primary fastball pitcher, with good raw arm strength; fastball up to 91 mph, maintains velocity well. Slider best off speed pitch, good sharp bite at times with tilt, big soft curveball, rare change up. VIDEO

96) Matt Schultz, RHP, 6’2 205, IL, HS: Hard-throwing right-hander with a sturdy frame. Fastball easily reaches the upper 80s, up to 93 at times. An effective mix of off-speed pitches. He is an aggressive pitcher that will challenge hitters with the velocity and movement on his fastball. His slider is a nice compliment as his second pitch. Coming off TJ surgery in 2011. VIDEO

97) Andrew Potter, RHP, 6'2 195, CA, HS: Andrew is an aggressive strike thrower on the mound that attacks hitters with his fastball. That fastball has some late life and sits in the 88-91 mph range. He also throws a good, tight slider that has tilt and depth. Andrew also shows a lot of confidence (and plus feel) in his change that has some tail. Overall, he’s mechanically sound – loose, quick and clean with his arm – and competes on the mound with a quality three pitch mix. VIDEO

98) Brian Trieglaff, RHP, 6’1 190, TX, HS: Good raw arm strength. Fastball sits 88-91, touching 92 at times, with some tailing action. He works quickly on the mound, and creates a good downhill plane when he stays tall in his delivery, in spite of a relatively short frame. Tends to lower release on his low 70s curveball, but it shows good depth and flashes tight spin and downer break. VIDEO

99) Sean McLaughlin, OF/RHP, 5’11 185, L/R, GA, HS: Intriguing two-way prospect. Has thrown up to 96 mph off the mound, grades out higher there than in the field.

100) Jake Cosart, RHP, 6’2 160, TX, HS: Lean and slender build, projects well physically. Brother of Astros flame-throwing RHP Jarred. Jake is an incredible athlete, who has a simple delivery on the mound. He's built up his velocity from the mid 80s late in 2010 up to the low 90s. May have best OF arm of class 98 from OF at PG National. 11-5 curveball flashes good spin but will need more power.

101) Wales Toney, RHP, 6’3 195 SC, HS: Lean angular build, good physical projection. Loose fast arm action. Steady 89-91 mph fastball, good consistent arm side running life. Fastball has gone from 80 to 86 to 91 the past 2 years, still very projectable. Needs delivery work on off speed pitches. VIDEO

102) Jackson Stephens, RHP/3B, 6'3 185, R/R, AL, HS: Angular athletic build with some present strength. Side step delivery with busy hand action. Upper 80's fastball, tops out at 89 mph, mostly straight. Throws both a curveball and slider, occasional depth on both pitches, tends to guide/aim slider. Change up best off speed, good arm speed with occasional hard sinking action.

103) Trey Wingenter, RHP, 6’7 190, AL, HS: A converted catcher Wingenter is a long and lanky right hander with a loose arm and a fastball that sits at 87-88mph, touching 91. Lacks deception and he is slow to the plate from the stretch. His mid 70's curveball and change look very good at times. Big potential.

104) Dalton Brown, RHP, 6-4, 225 lbs, TX, HS: Brown is a strongly built right-hander who throws from a back turn delivery and is pretty severely cross body on his release. Throws 88-90 mph on his fastball with occasional cutting actions and throws a sharp 78 mph slider. VIDEO

105) Reilly Hovis, RHP, 6’2 190, NC, HS: Solid athletic build, room to get stronger. Upper 80's fastball, touches 91 mph. Gets over curveball well, sharp downer break and good depth, has nice fade to change up.

106) Malcolm Diaz, RHP, 6’2 190, San Juan, PR: Loose athletic body, has some strength with more to come. Very strong arm, steady 91-93 mph fastball, misses up arm side consistently with fastball, can't get ball to glove side. Fastball sinks well, occasional nasty cutting action. Projects lots of velocity, developing off speed will be key. Currently lacks feel for curveball, soft spin, get me over pitch for strikes.

107) Hunter Wood, RHP, 6`1 170, AR, HS: Medium build, loose wiry frame, with room to add strength. Excellent arm speed. Fastball up to 87-91 mph, occasional hard arm side running action. Needs to work on repeating arm slot, has projectability on the mound.

108) Brooks Kriske, RHP, 6'3 192, CA, HS: Very athletic right-hander whose body and velocity project well. Continues to develop as a pitcher and shows serious upside there. Delivery is still improving but already Kriske has made tremendous strides throughout the fall and winter and his velocity has steadily increased; up to 90 mph now on his fastball. Has good command of strikezone, for someone with so little experience on the mound. Slider flashes hard bite at times with potential to become a weapon as an out pitch. Very good hitting and outfield tools, but future is on mound. VIDEO

109) Troy Ruggerio, RHP, 6'5 205, AZ, HS: Troy is a tall, lean athlete on the mound with a great pitcher’s frame (6’5"/190) and long arms and legs. The ball comes out of his hand easy and his high 80s fastball has natural run to it along with some late life. He complements his FB with a curveball with good tilt and rotation and a sinking change. He works quickly, attacks hitters with his fastball and throws strikes. Overall, the body, stuff and make-up are an outstanding total package. VIDEO

110) Blake Burkett, RHP, 6’2 205, GA, HS: Blake is a strong and physical prospect. Touches 88 with a fastball that has great armside run. He does a good job of locating his pitches and shows the making of a plus 12-6 curveball.

111) Ray Castillo, RHP, 6'1 175, AL, HS: Young slender build with room to fill out. Full hands over head delivery with lots of moving parts. Quick loose arm, fastball up to 91 mph, mostly straight, needs to create more life, and tends to miss down glove side. Slow curveball with good depth, effective off speed pitch, can be thrown harder with tighter spin, tends to slow arm and aim change up. Repeats delivery well, good command, has idea how to pitch. Has the physical development and arm strength to keep improving, has gained 7 mph in velocity in the last year.

112) Kenneth Burkhead, RHP, 6’0 180, FL, HS: Slender young look, some present strength. Fastball to 91 mph, maintains velocity, and works down in zone well with consistent run/sink. Tends to lower release on curve and tips it, soft spin, shows good location/command of slider down and away from right handed hitters. Best command from the windup, some effort from stretch. Very good arm, needs to work on secondary pitches and consistent mechanics.

113) Willie Ethington, RHP/3B, 6’4 200, R/R, AZ, HS: Dual position player. A power hitting third baseman and advanced pitching prospect. Ethington sits at 90-91 with his heater and shows advanced secondary pitches. His changeup has good sink, while his curveball flashes true swing and miss potential.

114) Robert M. Garcia Quiroz, RHP, 6’3 180, Yabucoa, PR: Tall slender pitcher's build. Steady mid 80's fastball, has been up to 91 mph in the past. Pitch has nice run and sink when down, straightens when up. Challenges aggressively with fastball. Changeup best off speed pitch, good feel for location and movement, has confidence in it. Short slurve type breaking ball needs either more power or depth.

115) Nolan Long, RHP, 6’9 225, CT, HS: Big, strong pitcher's body with clean, downhill arm action. Fastball sits high 80s but can touch 92.

116) Jake Pintar, RHP, 6’7 200, CA, HS: Very tall and thin pitcher. He also shows a good line to the plate and good balance for his size. Throwing from a three-quarter arm slot, he pounds the strike zone with an 88-90 mph fastball. His curveball is a bit loopy in the 69-71 mph range and needs to be tightened up. He shows good athleticism for someone his size. VIDEO

117) Dillon Tate, RHP, 6'1 167, CA, HS: Late-bloomer who continues to improve. Thin projectable build, with a lot of room to add strength. Athletic. Fast arm, works well, with some effort on release. Fastball in the high 80's presently up to 92, with more velocity to come. Fastball has good life. Tends to miss up, toning down delivery a bit a bit will improve command. Likes to throw curveball and has confidence in it. Very nice 12-6 curveball with big deep shape and bite, potential plus pitch down the road. VIDEO

118) Tanner Kiest, RHP, 6'3 195, CA, HS: Slender projectable build. Nice smooth delivery. Minimal efoort on release. Fastball in the mid 80's touches 91, good life. Throws a tight 72 mph curveball. Needs to work on command. VIDEO

119) Matthew Hassenbeck, RHP, 6’6 240, MO, HS: Extra large build, very strong lower half. Slow paced delivery, throws downhill, bit cross body on release. Fastball up to 88 mph, will turn over 2-seamer at 84 mph on occasion, slows arm on change up and drops slot. Does not throw breaking ball at present, has arm action/release for a slider. Looks like he'll throw hard but needs to develop breaking ball and deception.

120) Blake McFadden, RHP, 6’2 200, MO, HS: Nice athletic build, room to get stronger. Drop and drive delivery, quick clean arm action, hides ball well, repeats mechanics. Primary fastball pitcher, attacks with fastball early in count, tops out at 88 mph, mostly straight but spots ball to both sides and works low in zone. Flashes hard curveball spin, big sweeping depth, could throw curveball more frequently, rare change up. Has the tools to keep improving.


121) Austin Sovay, RHP, 6’5 210, FL, HS: Tall projectable righty, throws 85-88, and touches 90. Shows a good curve at 73. Mechanically, things are pretty simple for such a big guy. However, he has one of those Tim Hudson-esque floating front feet (it strides towards the plate, then stops and starts heading toward the 1B line as his hips open up).

122) Stephen Brooks, RHP, 6’2 200, VA, HS: Strong well proportioned build. Low hand delivery, big separation and deep arm action, loose arm, gets extended out front and works downhill. Sits at 88 mph with good arm side run, will touch 90 mph at times. Hard curveball with good 11-5 depth, sharp bite at times, developing change up. Throws strikes with all pitches and works aggressively.

123) James Kaprielian, RHP, 6'2 185, CA, HS: Athletic two-way player. On the mound James flashes a high 80s fastball that is sneaky quick, a swing-and-miss slider that breaks sharp at late, an 11/5 curveball with good depth and a very effective change with slight cut. He shows advanced command of all four of these offerings. VIDEO

124) Andrew Sopko, RHP, 6’2 180lbs, MT, HS: Quick, easy arm action that projects very well. 87-88 mph fastball with more velocity to come. Shows very hard spin on a 74 mph curveball. VIDEO

125) Robbie Nesovic, RHP 6'4 190, CA, HS: Big projectable hander that has a heavy sinker and is a strike thrower. He has advanced athleticism for his size.

126) Hunter Melton, RHP, 6'2 225, TX, HS: Thick mature build. Two-way player who also plays first base. Big kid, strong as an ox, fastball from 88-91.

127) Michael Clouthier, RHP, 6’2 200lbs, ON, HS: Canadian has been up to 93 mph. Throws a heavy ball.

128) Dayton Dawe, RHP, 6’2 180, ON, HS: Another Canadian kid, Sits 86-88 with good run on his two-seamer, and can reach as high as 91, with more in the tank.

129) Tanner Spencer, RHP, 6’3 175, CAN, HS: Big projectable righty from Alberta. Upper 80s fastball with life, up to 90mph. Extremely competitive. Will get stronger, more velocity in tank. Only 16 at draft.

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