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2012 Draft: High School Health Update

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This spring has been rough for the high school crop on the health side of things. Lucas Giolito has been the most publicized with a sprained UCL in his elbow. I don't see this as a long term issue but it could scare teams a little. It could be a one-time thing, it could lead to Tommy John surgery, but that is a potential problem that most pitchers face.

Matt Crownover on the other hand did have TJ surgery. He isn't an elite arm but was one of the better left handed prep pitchers in this year's draft. It is likely he will head to Clemson since he won't pitch again before the draft, but it hasn't been unheard of that pitchers recovering from the surgery get drafted and sign but that was before this CBA.

Alex Bregman, a Catcher/Second Baseman, broke the middle finger on his throwing hand and will likely miss the spring. He likely won't play many, if any, games before the draft but I'm not sure how much time will be needed to fully recover. He is an intriguing player who could really be an impact player if he attends college at LSU.

Rio Ruiz, one of the best 3B prospects and potential 1st round pick, had surgery to remove a blood clot in his neck. I don't have any more detailed information on him other than this article. He is a USC commit.

Fernelys Sanchez, a raw athletic Outfielder, broke his fibula sliding into a base. This is a 6-8 week injury typically, and since there was no tendon damage, he should be 100% shortly after he gets his cast off toward the end of May. His speed is his best asset and it shouldn't be effected by this. He is committed to Central Arizona CC and could still get drafted high enough to sign. If he goes to a community college, he would be eligible to be drafted again next year.

With Giolito, Bregman and Ruiz, three 1st round caliber players won't play much the rest of the season. I don't think Giolito will slide much due to it, but I'm not sure how it will change the draft status of the rest. As someone who likes to watch college baseball, I wouldn't mind seeing Crownover at Clemson or Bregman at LSU.