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I went out with my family to try and reduce our stress levels, and I come back to see another flamewar has broken out in the fanpost sections. Warnings have been issued to various people.

I'm getting really tired of this, and will start banning people if this stuff doesn't stop.

This site exists for two reasons.

1) to give me an outlet for prospect analysis.
2) as a forum for discussion about minor league players and prospects among interested fans.

You will note that "attacking people I don't like" isn't on the list. You will also note that "goading people into flamewars using sarcasm" is also not on the list. And finally, "raising John Sickels' blood pressure" is also not on the list.

I have tried to run a loose ship in terms of what people are posting in fanposts, as long as it is relevant to prospect analysis, because discussion and open dialog is how we move forward as thinkers and, I hope, as people. If someone posts something controversial or against conventional opinion, I don't have a problem with that. When people get into interesting and spirited discussions, I think that's great.

But people keep crossing the line into flamewars and personal attacks, and it is really getting tiresome. If you don't agree with someone, disagree POLITELY. This also means that if someone disagrees with you, your first move should not be to respond with defensive sarcasm, or to goad them on into attacking you further. Also note that "he started it" is not a valid defense.

This is the final post I'm making about this, and if further problems arise I'm going to start mass banning of offending parties. I'll not have this website dragged down by trolls or semi-trolls. Capiche?