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Greetings from warm and sunny Austin. Saw the Texas/Iowa doubleheader yesterday and will see another game this afternoon. I am coming away with some good data and some photos, one of which you can see below the fold. A full report will follow when I get home Tuesday.


That's University of Texas outfielder Kevin Keyes, who looked to me like the best htiter on either team. He can pull the ball for power, or take it to the opposite field. He makes a good effort to control the strike zone and has plenty of bat speed. He's thickened up a bit and doesn't run quite as well as he did when I saw him last spring, but if he can avoid further weight gain I think he can remain in the outfield. I didn't get a read on his arm but will concentrate on that this afternoon.

I got to see Workman and Green but reports on them and others will come on Tuesday.