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Toronto Blue Jays Top 20 Prospects in Review

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This list was originally posted on January 8th, 2008. THIS IS A REVIEW OF AN OLD LIST. THIS IS NOT A NEW LIST. THIS IS A REVIEW!!!!!!!!!

1) Travis Snider, OF, Grade B+
    Hitting .262/.344/.457 with 15 homers for Double-A New Hampshire. Impressive power production at a young age in Double-A, but very high strikeout rate is concerning and I'm wondering what his average and OBP are going to look like.
2) Brett Cecil, LHP, Grade B+
     2.76 ERA with 79/22 K/BB in 72 innings for New Hampshire, 63 hits allowed, 1.98 GO/AO. Looks good to me.
3) Kevin Ahrens, 3B, Grade B-
     .282/.344/.396 for Class A Lansing. Good batting average, decent OBP, but not as much pop as expected and a high strikeout rate. Hitting .338 in July.
4) J.P. Arencibia, C, Grade C+
     .288/.291/.520 in 31 games since moving up to Double-A. Strong power, but a poor 1/27 BB/K ratio in 125 at-bats.Plate discipline a big concern.
5) John Tolisano, 2B, Grade C+
     .255/.338/.396 for Lansing. 43 walks with 76 strikeouts in 333 at-bats is a decent ratio.
6) Justin Jackson, SS, Grade C+ 
      Slumped after a hot start, now at .249/.353/.385 with 14 steals. Very high strikeout rate (107 in 325 at-bats) but drawing some walks. Very interesting player.
7) Trystan Magnuson, RHP, Grade C+
     0-8, 6.14 with a 38/31 K/BB in 63 innings for Lansing. Obviously terrible performance.
8) Curtis Thigpen, C, Grade C+
     .220/.265/.310 for Triple-A Syracuse. Nothing positive there. Stock has definitely dropped.
9) Johermyn Chavez, OF, Grade C+
      .210/.270/.325 for Lansing. Undone by poor strike zone judgment.
10) Marc Rzepcynski, LHP, Grade C+
       2.70 ERA, 80/27 K/BB in 83 innings for Lansing, 70 hits allowed, 3.27 GO/AO. Looks very good, but we need to see him at higher levels.
11) Ricky Romero, LHP, Grade C 
       5.05 ERA with 75/51 K/BB in 118 innings for New Hampshire, 135 hits allowed, 1.85 GO/AO.  Status has defiintely slipped.
12) Ryan Patterson, OF, Grade C
       .257/.296/.443 with 11 homers for New Hampshire. Showing some pop, but just hasn't put things together overall and is now 25.
13) Robinzon Diaz, C, Grade C
       Hitting combined .328/.356/.488 in 37 games split between three levels.
14) Brian Wolfe, RHP, Grade C
      1.59 ERA with 7/1 K/BB in 11 innnings for Syracuse, 3.00 ERA with 11/5 K/BB in 18 innings for the Blue Jays. A nice decent middle reliever.
15) Josh Banks, RHP, Grade C
       Now in Padres system. 3.51 ERA with 29/14 K/BB in 56 major league innings.
16) David Purcey, LHP, Grade C
       2.69 ERA with 121/34 K/BB in 117 innings for Syracuse, 97 hits allowed. Impressive K/IP ratio. Stock has risen again although he was hit hard in two major league starts.
17) Brandon Magee, RHP, Grade C
       5.11 ERA with 44/48 K/BB in 111 innings for New Hampshire, 133 hits allowed. Seems to have run into the Double-A wall.
18) Alan Farina, RHP, Grade C
       3.29 ERA with 37/13 K/BB in 27 innings for Lansing before going on the DL. Impressive K/IP ratio.
19) Jacob Butler, OF, Grade C
       .230/.322/.416 with 13 homers for New Hampshire. Some pop, will take a walk, but at age 25 is running out of time.
20) Buck Coats, OF, Grade C
       .286/.333/.407 with 12 steals for Syracuse. Could still be useful fifth outfielder.

I really like what Cecil has done so far. I still have some concerns about Arencibia, though I respect his power I really don't like the BB/K/AB ratio in Double-A. Snider's upside is very impressive given his youth, but I think he would struggle if rushed too much more.