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You're the GM! Atlanta Braves Edition

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Remember when I was the best thing Braves fans had to look forward to?

You're the GM! Atlanta Braves Edition

You're the GM of the Braves. How do you get this team back into the post-season?

You have a star at catcher in Brian McCain. You have a solid second baseman in Kelly Johnson. Yunel Escobar is good. But how many more at-bats does Chipper Jones have left in him? Will Casey Kotchman adjust? What about the outfield? Blanco at least draws some walks, but he's got zippo power. Do you give up on Francoeur and trade him? What about center field? Do you trust Josh Anderson?

Even the pitching staff has some questions. Can Jurrjens and Campillo repeat? How do you fill out of the rest of the rotation? Propaganda aside, Charlie Morton was NOT a good pitcher this year. Who closes? Which young pitchers are you going to try and integrate in 2009?

Are you going to make trades? Sign free agents? Or just let farm system products percolate up?