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I will have a fuller article for Rotowire about the first round tomorrow, and will also write up a piece about the draft classes in general for the Baseball Prospect Report over the weekend. Some very short initial impressions:

The Astros....WTF??? 

I like Jemile Weeks but he seems like a slight overdraft at 12 for me.

How far will Tim Melville fall?

Intriguing group of high school pitchers still available...Tyle rSample, Kyle Lobstein, Robbie Ross, Ross Seaton, Tyler Chatwood, among others.

I like what the Brewers have done so far. Of course they have picked two of my Shadow Draft guys so apparently our thinking is similar.

Which is better....the Real Twins with Hicks/Gutierrez/Hunt, or my Shadow Twins with Lawrie/Odorizzi/Gillaspie?