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Real Time Twins Shadow Draft

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THIS IS NOT THE REAL TWINS DRAFT. This is my Shadow Draft.

1) Brett Lawrie, OF, Brookswood SS, Langley BC
1) Jake Odorizzi, RHP, Highland (Illinois) HS
1S) Conor Gillaspie, 3B, Wichita State University
2) Tyler Ladendorf, SS, Howard CC, Texas
3) Eric Thames, OF, Pepperdine University
4) Scott Barnes, LHP, St. John's University
5) Ben Petralli, C, Oral Roberts University
6) Josh Satin, OF-2B, University of California
7) Dan Osterbrock, LHP, University of Cincinnati
8) Brett Moorhouse, RHP, Indian River CC (Fl)
9) Jay Jackson, RHP, Furman University
10) J.J. Hoover, RHP, Calhoun CC (Ala)
11) Dominic de la Osa, OF, Vanderbilt University
12) Kyle Carr, LHP, University of Minnesota
13) Erik Davis, RHP, Stanford University
14) Rob Musgrave, LHP, Wichita State University
15) Luke Anders, 1B, Texas A&M University
16) Matt Nohelty, OF, University of Minnesota
17) Dwayne Bailey, 2B, University of Central Florida
18) Brian Van Kirk, OF, Oral Roberts
19) Pat Venditte, P, Creighton
20) Chris Odegaard, RHP, Mankato State University
21) Erich Diedrich, C, Youngstown State University
22) Nick Kirk, LHP, University of Northern Iowa
23) Zach Pitts, RHP, University of Louisville
24) Phil Schrieber, RHP, Kaukauna (Wisconsin) HS
25) Korby Mintkin, SS, South Dakota State
26) Jake Stewart, OF, University of Houston
27) Blake Murphy, C, Western Carolina University

 With Gillaspie with the first pick in the supplemental round I will list Lawrie as an outfielder, stick him in right field and tell him to worry about his hitting.

I was trying to decide between Ladendorf and Eric Thames in the second round...real Twins pick Ladendorf so I will go with that and hope Thames lasts till the third round....looks like I get Thames in the third. Be interesting to see how far he falls due to the injury. 4th round target....Scott Gorgen. I bet he's gone by then...damn Gorgen is gone. Scott Barnes is fallback as a live armed lefty


I'm happy with this except for the Barnes pick...that was panic as the guys I wanted went off the board right before I picked. I should have gone with long-time favorite Zach Putnam. Barnes is OK but there were better guys available. Not sure what is going to happen with Thames in real life...either the injury is worse than we know or his bonus demands are scaring teams away. Petralli should get called early today. I like Josh Satin...I think he's more of an outfielder than a second baseman but the bat is strong....main risk is his age.

I think I've done enough getting some bats here and need to focus on pitching in the coming rounds. Seventh round target is Brett Moorhead, a junior college pitcher out of Florida with a strong arm.....I will move Moorhead to the 8th round since I like Real Twins pick Osterbrock a lot.