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A stormy Monday morning here in East Central Kansas. Some thoughts...

There is some confusion about the Mock Draft...I did a radio interview on XM yesterday and the host thought that the Mock Draft was MY prediction for what will happen Thursday. That's not true, of course...but I will post my prediction later today.

I'm also thinking ahead to the Shadow Draft. Last week I decided on Brett Wallace for the college hitter likely to be available to my Fake Twins at 14, but the last couple of days I've started to think that perhaps Zach Collier would fit my needs better at 14, since I could still slot in advanced guys in the 27 and 31 picks. How would this look?

14) Zach Collier, OF
27) Ike Davis, OF
31) Best available college hitter still available

Then in the second and third round I might look at pitching.