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2008 Mock Draft Fifth Round

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Ground rules so I can keep my sanity.


I am picking the Cubs and Red Sox. If someone else doesn't show I will make a pic too. If someone pics a player already chosen, the pick is forfeit and I make the decision.

143) Rays: Daniel Mars, OF, Virginia HS
144) Pirates: Brandon Miller, C, Georgia HS
145) Royals: Jacob Thompson, RHP, Virginia
146) Orioles: Xavier Scruggs, 1B, UNLV
147) Giants: Brett Warren, OF, Iowa HS
148) Marlins: J.J. Hoover, RHP, Calhoun CC (Alabama)
149) Reds: Justin Bristow, RHP, East Carolina
150) White Sox: Matt Daly, RHP, Hawaii
151) Nationals: Jack Armstrong Jr, RHP, Florida HS
152) Astros: Dock Doyle, C, Coastal Carolina
153) Rangers: Brett Moorhouse, RHP, Indian River CC FL
154) Athletics: Preston Guilmet, RHP, Arizona
155) Cardinals: Johnny Giovatella, 2B, New Orleans
156) Twins: Bryan Shaw, RHP, Long Beach State
157) Dodgers: Dusty Coleman, SS, Wichita State
158) Brewers; John Lamb, LHP, California HS
159) Blue Jays: Michael Tonkin, RHP, California HS
160) Braves: Cecil Tanner, RHP, Georgia HS
161) Cubs: Mike McKenna, OF, Florida Atlantic
162) Mariners: Anthony Capra, LHP, Wichita State
163) Tigers: Ben McMahan, C, Florida HS
164) Mets: Aaron Luna, 2B, Rice
165) Padres: Aaron King, LHP, Surrey CC
166) Phillies: Jason Knapp, RHP, New Jersey HS
167) Rockies: Ethan Hollingsworth, RHP, Western Michigan
168) Diamondbacks: Kyle Russell, OF, Texas
169) Angels: Justin Parker, SS, Wright State
170) Yankees: Danny Ortiz, OF, Puerto Rico HS
171) Indians: Kyle Petter, LHP, California HS
172) Red Sox: Jay Jackson, RHP, Furman