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2008 Mock Draft Second Round

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Second round.

Please keep discussion in the thread to a minimum during the draft portion. It clutters things up. There will be plenty of time to discuss after the round is over.

47) Rays: Ryan Flaherty, INF, Vanderbilt
48) Pirates: James Darnell, 3B, South Carolina
49) Royals: Shane Peterson, OF, Long Beach State
50) Orioles: Niko Vasquez, SS, Nevada HS
51) Phillies: Zach Putnam, RHP, Michigan
52) Marlins: Mike Montgomery, LHP, California HS
53) Brewers: Anthony Gose, OF-LHP, California HS
54) Brewers: Adrian Nieto, C, Florida HS
55) Nationals: Bryan Price, RHP, Rice
56) Astros: Kyle Lobstein, LHP, Arizona HS
57) Rangers: Roger Kieschnick, OF, Texas Tech
58) Athletics: Scott Gorgen, RHP, UC Irvine
59) Cardinals: Trey Haley, RHP, Texas HS
60) Twins: Tyler Sample, RHP, Colorado HS
61) Dodgers: Dennis Raben, OF, Miami-Florida
62) Brewers: Riccio Torrez, SS, Arizona HS
63) Blue Jays: Stephen Fife, RHP, Utah
64) Braves: Harold Martinez, 3B, Florida HS
65) Cubs: Tim Murphy, LHP, UCLA
66) Mariners: Chase Davidson, 1B, Georgia HS
67) Tigers: Jordy Mercer, SS, Oklahoma State
68) Mets: Daniel Webb, RHP, Kentucky HS
69) Padres: Tyler Chatwood, RHP, California HS
70) Braves: Brad Holt, RHP, UNC Wilmington
71) Phillies: Josh Lindbloom, RHP, Purdue
72) Rockies: Robbie Grossman, OF, Texas HS
73) Diamonbacks: David Adams, 2B, Virginia
74) Angels: Jay Austin, OF, Georgia HS
75) Yankees: Ricky Oropesa, 1B, California HS
76) Indians: Kyle Long, LHP-1B, Virginia HS
77) Red Sox: Aaron Shafer, RHP, Wichita State